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Discoloration/Graphical Distortion/Screen Tear

This past weekend, I woke up my computer and I find that I have this graphical distortion. everything has a bluish tint to it. and the screen tears in the upper-right hand corner. I have moved this laptop around in a Everki Beacon bag. It's a tigh...


G73 Graphics/Screen Color Bluescreen issue. is an image of what my monitor looks like. The colors are always off and black seems to be affected the most. This is a very annoying issue that I have struggled with for awhile now and just want to figure out w...

G75VW - New OS - Wifi Toggle

I just got a new G75VW for work, and had to install Windows 7 Professional.I have all my Window's updates and drivers fully installed.However, when I go to toggle my wireless, it only disables the bluetooth, leaving the wifi on.I only get "All On" an...

ReyZero by Level 7
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3d or not

just wondering if i should get the 3d version or not also i have a 3d external monitor that the laptop will be hook upto when im at home and if i dont get the 3d version will i still be able to play 3d games when im at home connected to my monitor

ushhh by Level 7
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g53sx nvidia 3d vision glasses

hi all, i´m new in this forum, i hope you help me, i have a g53sx with 60hz screen, i have a nvidia 3d vision glasses too, but after install it, in nvidia configration panel not show the stereoscopic options for activate screen is 60hz, can i p...

Video game double vision

I have had a few of the common problems with my G75VW. No option to stop sub woofer playing noise, games not launching, i've managed to fix them all by reading help forums on this site.. but... this one seems new (or you lot have worded it differentl...

asus g75vw

hi all im new to this forum and im planing to purchase a g75vw how many different version models are there not sure which one to get is there a list i can check thanks

ushhh by Level 7
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G53SW Dying gfx card (GTX 460M)

Hi there,I'm beginning to think that my GTX 460M is failing on my ASUS G53SW-A1 as I've been getting game freezes/crashes that can only be solved by hard-resetting the laptop. Plus, on occassions, I'm beginning to see artifacts (even during bootup, r...

dough by Level 7
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G74sx updated Atheros causeing a temp increase?

I just recenctly updated my wirelesscard with the latest WLAN_Atheros_Win7_64_Z921470 driver and ive noticed instead of ideling at around 39c it has been ideling around 43-44c. Now I know thats normal for some but I was just wondering if Im being par...