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G55VW-ES71 SSD help

I'm about to get a G55VW-ES71 from Amazon. I'm wondering if it has an extra SSD spot so i can have the 500 GB 7200 rpm hard drive that comes with the computer. Amazon does not say. Please reply as the SSD will make that computer a ton faster, with st...

Need help getting my Asus G53jw to boot!!!

My computer is not booting up windows, I'm not sure how to describe the beep messages it was giving me do I took a video so you can see for yourself. The video of my problem is at Problem I'm having with Asus G53JW - YouTube. I think the computer is ...

Need Help Installing ATI drivers for my G73

I installed the newest ATI driver and CCC and now my screen resolution maximum is 1400 instead of 1920. I followed the AMD/ATI driver install guide step by step. Why is this and how do i get my 1920 back?When I open CCC I get an error message sayin...

Aoyoc by Level 7
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Help with doing an RMA on my GPU/ROG Computer

Hi all, I just signed up a bit ago after reading a few posts on the forums. I have a G73JHA1 with an ATI Radeon HD 5870 that I got about 2 years ago now and have had various issues with it practically since I got it. I've always suspected them to b...

Aoyoc by Level 7
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Recovering g55

Hey guys, I've just made a 3 DVDs recovery disks with Asus Ai recovery, want to ask:How to recover my laptop with these cds? Could'n find guide for g55vw laptop...

Electrostatic phenomena

Hi forum,i have called the ASUS's assistance and i have explained the problem on the my G74Sx. Well, i must send it to repair! The problem is:1.electrostatic shock on keyboard when the note is it plug in to the AC;2. The key "canc" not responding;3. ...

Symho by Level 7
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Wireless Console 3 problems

Hi all, I got a g75, had it a few weeks, already got a virus (a device attached to the system is not functioning), but that's my issue, I'll take care of it anyway, whenever i do Fn+F2 to manage the bluetooth and wifi, wireless console comes up showi...

Magnet18 by Level 7
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A1 Recovery to USB thumbdrive possable?

HELPJust got my new G75VW-DS72, loaded my programs, and attempted to do the recovery, to USB, I had no BDdisk or DVD disks.I ran into a few problems, maybe someone can help. I am a Green Weed, and just love the G75= Awsome!1st, I tried to uninstall ...

AI Recovery and dual layer DVD's?

Hey,I've just received my G55 and I've been thinking about making the recovery discs and I think I have two DL DVD's lying around somewhere. Does the AI Recovery accept dual layer DVD's or do I have to use "normal" DVD's?Tried searching for the answe...

Niko838 by Level 7
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G75 Look and Feel Question

Hi All, Have a new G75 (256 SSD, 750 7200RPM, 16 Gig, etc), and have reformatted it from Win 7 Home Premium with 4 partitions to Win 7 Ultimate, with a 256 SSD "c" drive, and a 750 gig "d" drive. However, I am now stuck with the Win 7 personalizati...

JDowney by Level 7
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