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Wireless Console 3 problems

Hi all, I got a g75, had it a few weeks, already got a virus (a device attached to the system is not functioning), but that's my issue, I'll take care of it anyway, whenever i do Fn+F2 to manage the bluetooth and wifi, wireless console comes up showi...

Magnet18 by Level 7
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A1 Recovery to USB thumbdrive possable?

HELPJust got my new G75VW-DS72, loaded my programs, and attempted to do the recovery, to USB, I had no BDdisk or DVD disks.I ran into a few problems, maybe someone can help. I am a Green Weed, and just love the G75= Awsome!1st, I tried to uninstall ...

AI Recovery and dual layer DVD's?

Hey,I've just received my G55 and I've been thinking about making the recovery discs and I think I have two DL DVD's lying around somewhere. Does the AI Recovery accept dual layer DVD's or do I have to use "normal" DVD's?Tried searching for the answe...

Niko838 by Level 7
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G75 Look and Feel Question

Hi All, Have a new G75 (256 SSD, 750 7200RPM, 16 Gig, etc), and have reformatted it from Win 7 Home Premium with 4 partitions to Win 7 Ultimate, with a 256 SSD "c" drive, and a 750 gig "d" drive. However, I am now stuck with the Win 7 personalizati...

JDowney by Level 7
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Problem with diablo 3

unless I turned the graphics all the way down, my computer would shut down after a few minutes of play and be really hot.I have an ASUS G73jh with a 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon 5870 video card.I know many ppl have same problem . Is the problem fixed? An...

windhn by Level 7
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G55VW-ES71 SSD help

I'm about to get a G55VW-ES71 from Amazon. I'm wondering if it has an extra SSD spot so i can have the 500 GB 7200 rpm hard drive that comes with the computer. Amazon does not say. Please reply as the SSD will make that computer a ton faster, with st...

Nvidia Verde 301.42 Driver on G74 ?

Hello G74 users!I was wondering if anyone is using the 301.42 nvidia driver? I'm still using 296.10 and reluctant to change it to 301.42, three hundreds kinda scare me So does anyone use it? If so, how is it comparing to 296.10, does it improve the ...

G75VW can't use system recovery

Hey! I'm new to the forums but I haven't seen this problem elsewhere and I want your help if possible.I already used the system recovery once on the computer and it worked OK. The second time, I changed the letters of the drives and somehow system re...

NOYUS by Level 7
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