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Nvidia Verde 301.42 Driver on G74 ?

Hello G74 users!I was wondering if anyone is using the 301.42 nvidia driver? I'm still using 296.10 and reluctant to change it to 301.42, three hundreds kinda scare me So does anyone use it? If so, how is it comparing to 296.10, does it improve the ...

G75VW can't use system recovery

Hey! I'm new to the forums but I haven't seen this problem elsewhere and I want your help if possible.I already used the system recovery once on the computer and it worked OK. The second time, I changed the letters of the drives and somehow system re...

NOYUS by Level 7
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Asus G53 and UEFI

Just wondering how the uefi works on the G53 and if we can access it. I have it enabled through bios, whats the next step?

eskion by Level 7
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ROG G50 Upgrading CPU / Graphics Card Possible?

I've had this thing apart several times and I'm wondering if I can simply put a 64 bit LGA775 Intel processor in to replace the Core2 Duo 32 bit processor so i can switch over from Win7 32 to Win7 64 and throw in some extra memory (8 gig).Also, I've ...

802.11ac Wifi standard and G75

The CEO of Netgear recently stopped by Australia to tell us all about the new 802.11ac wireless technology, announced earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The article says in part:- The Asus G75VW is reportedly the first n...

twinkle by Level 7
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Graphics/Color Problem on G73Sw

I have some problems with the graphics and colors in some games on my G73Sw 3D.My graphics card is up to date, was the first thing I checked. There's more info at the end of the post, if there's any more info you need, let me know. I recenlty got GTA...