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G74SX no longer boots

I've had my G74SX for about a year without any issues. 2 days ago, my computer was working fine for the whole day until there was a sudden slowdown at night and then I got the blue screen crash screen (physical memory dump). I rebooted and it worked...

RDubs by Level 7
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A "Normal" persons dissasembly of a g74sx

Ohoi!So, lately - I've noticed that my average heat while playing have been almost 10 degrees higher than it was when i bought my g74sx approx 6 months ago. So I decided to disassemble it completely and see just how much dust the famous spot between ...

G75VW Wireless N not working

I recently bought a G75VW laptop. I did a clean install of windows 7 ultimate and downloaded all the drivers off of Asus' website. The wireless card isn't picking up my wireless N frequency. I have a linksys EA4500 dual band router. One band is wirel...

Screen Tearing....Sooo annoying.

Ok, so i have this line that shows up across the screen "screen tearing" how do i get it to stop doing it that when im playing games, it totally ruins the gaming experince!

Daylife by Level 9
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3D On the G55VW

Hello everyone!.I was wondering how do you watch 3D on your G55VW?. So far I'm not really seeing 3D on mine. How far do you sit?. Is there any good content I should check?. How do you watch 3D movies with or without lights in room?What are the prefer...

PC_744 by Level 7
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Keyboard removal

Hi all just want to know how do I go about removing my keyboard on asus g75vw thanks

ushhh by Level 7
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G75VW-TS72 with random BSOD...

Hello! I´m very new to the forum, and also to a rog type gaming laptop, i have recently purchase in a compusa shop a G75VW-TS72, on the secound day saw some updates avalible on Asus Update, after the update had some issues with the usb 3 ports nothin...

G75 main speakers

Kind of a dumb question, but ive been wondering this for a while....Are the small vents directly beside the lid hinges intake vents for the fans underneath, or are they there for the main speakers? or both?If so, they are pretty small, that would acc...

kiba by Level 10
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Throttling of games when not charging?

So, my Asus G75VW-NS71(Cheapest Newegg version), throttles my games when i'm not charging. I have no idea why or what to do about it. For example: I'll be playing Skyrim and everything will be running smooth but after a little bit (~30 seconds) the g...

Retired by Not applicable
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