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Hii am an owner of Asus G74SX-TZ230Vand now i just bought a 32LM5800 LG 3dTVmy question is do i have to buy the nvidia 3dplay tv software or isnt it free for my product as the sticker on my laptop says so.and can any 1 refer me to a better way of pla...

The Netherlands G75 Selection - Disappointed

Hey to all those reading and yes, my first post here (finally got the DB error fixed I see :P)Since the beginning of this year I've been waiting for the G75. Information was limited due the NDA Intel had on it's Ivy Bridge, yet after the deadline cam...

Upgrading the "Athersucks" wifi module in G73SW-XT1

Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster. Was just wondering if I need to do anything special (like fabricate any brackets) for the Intel 6200 wifi module I am getting in a couple of days to upgrade the "Athersucks" one in my laptop. Does the mod...

How much damage can the G75 take?

Ok so i am an avid gamer who travels alot.. Im constantly on the move due to work and family. Because of all the movement and stuff i was wondering how much can the G75 really take? I mean i have had an alienware before and that took a hell of a lot ...

mrwolf by Level 10
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cooling pad for g53

Hi,I've heard many people say that a cooling pad has no effect on asus g series laptops since the air intake vents are apparently located on the top of the laptop. However, there are quite large vents on the bottom of the laptop too, so I wanted to k...

iluvatar by Level 7
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G75 left handed gaming

Hey Is the G75 good for you left handed gamers? By that I mean do the arrow keys feel nice to work with and are the keys ie the keypad and the control, shift, etc keys easy to reach without strain?I was looking into either one of these or into an ibu...

Beevman by Level 7
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Can he handle it ?

hello I am planning to buy a new G75VW-DS73-3D and i want to know if i can upgrade the memory up to 32GB 1600 MHz.Ill use it as my workstation for running multi OS , App dev, Graphic Design and many high stuff. if it's possible please give me a link ...

Berte by Level 7
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G75VW-T1066V : does it have 3d screen or not?

Does anyone know if this specific model comes with 3D screen?G75VW-T1066VSpecs posted by the vendor as:Intel i7 3610QM (Ivy Bridge), 17.3" FHD LED, 16GB, 750GB SATA + 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GTX 670M 3GB VRAM, BLU RAY, Windows 7 PremiumI know it does NOT c...

doomed by Level 7
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