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Best Buy's G75 for College?

I was wondering if the Best Buy G75VW-BBK5 is a good gaming laptop for college. I know it's a bit large and heavy, but if I have it in a bookbag (Was thinking the XL Targus backpack) it shouldn't be too bad, should it? If you don't think this is a go...

ros1200 by Level 7
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Asus G74sx Lockup and mouse problem

So my G74sx has a problem where it will lock up. I can still move my mouse, but cannot select anything on my screen. Sometimes the computer will come out of it on its own, while other times i have to manually reboot it using the power button. It does...

g75V Questions

HiIm a proud new owner of the G75 V, i have a general knowledge of the system as i spent quite a while saving for it and doing research, im quite new to the whole SSD situation and was 'noobishly' confused at the 4 partitioned drives . Although, i fo...

BF3 Graphics on G53sx

Hello I have the Asus G53SX-DH71 and I need help improving my fps and graphics quality in Battlefield 3 multiplayer. Right now I run on medium settings and get around 35 fps. I've seen youtube videos of people using this same laptop playing on Ultra....

G75VW Backpack and USB Audio Adapter

Hey everyone! My first time posting on the forums so please forgive me if I ask some silly questions.First, I was browsing through the forums for a while now and I haven't been able to find a thread discussing various backpacks to carry these laptops...

Max Temperature

Hi Everyone,I know there have been a few heat threads before, but it looks like they've been buried in the abyss of the forums. I just wanted to check in with anyone who has the G75vw-DS72 and know what there temperatures are like with intensive game...

Djropi by Level 7
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Survey: Why did you purchase yours?

It's assumed that everyone who buys a gaming system will do it-- --of course, for gaming. Also, some manufacturers really would like to know why you bought their system specifically. When you register your machine online with Asus, there's a survey ...

Seigun by Level 7
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ASUS Wifi APP breaks the bluetooth.

From a clean install with Asus v3.0 driver disk.If do a minimal install loading the Intel wifi driver, then intel bluetooth driver without loading Asus Wifi Systemtray utility.You get working Wifi on the Intel Advanced N 6325 and working Bluetooth 4....

emurach by Level 9
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G75 - Keyboard Lights

Hey all, hoping someone can help out here. Not a major issue, but it's bugging me and I can' track down an answer so far...I took a few updates from the Asus LiveUpdate utility, and now the keyboard lights (backlit) are off. I have tried manually re-...

Scrodus by Level 7
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Blu Ray driver issue

Hey everyone Been having some problems with my G53SW's BD ROM.Today, i tried to install some old games.So, i just popped the CD in, and waited for it to load.Guess what? It didn't. I noticed the green light (located on the drive) was green for the fi...

Retired by Not applicable
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