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G752-VSK Drivers next update in 2080 ?

Hello, i just want to know why we stuck with 2016 drivers for g752vsk in 2018? Should we put our laptops to the trash bins and buy new model to get a damn update? Bios still 302 ... vga older then my granma, cmon asus, cant you do it better? UPDATES ...

Asus G46VW windows10 drivers? - solved?

Hello people does anyone know the best way getting drivers installed on the asus g46vw running windows 10? Right now i amreally looking for the touchpad drivers, but I also cant install the newest nvidia drivers or geforce experience. Any tips on get...

Asus ROG G551jw very slow on external screen

Hi,i have an Asus ROG G551JW laptop with an external screen. The problem is that web browsers on the external screen are very slow (especially facebook). If i view the task manager i can see that the external video card (Nvidia 960) is constantly at ...

Questions on installing 850 Evo on Asus G751JT

So I bought a Samsung Evo 850 500Gb ssd. Is there a step by step guide that would tell me how to do this? I put it in the second bay at first, but some places are saying that I should put it in the first bay since it has 6Gb/s, is that true? If so ca...

G702ZC battery life disappointment

Hello everyone,I am quite disappointed with the battery life of this machine.On this machine, I have used VLC to see a mp4 movie and it lasts only about one hour !Do you have the same experience on your side ?Any way to get it longer ?Looking at th...