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G74sx and ASUS VG278 monitor - 3d query

Hey all,I'm currently in the market for a 3d monitor, preferably the ASUS VG278 which has Lightboost and Nvidia 3d vision 2 (glasses inclusive). After doing HEAPS of reading on the internet, I'm still unsure as to what refresh rates I can achieve if ...

DVD not recognized?

I wanted to install an really old game on my new G75: Medieval 2 Total War.Just because I wanted to see how it looks like with 3D glasses and I ran into a problem:I can install it fine from the DVD, but when I start it, it doesnt recognise the DVD bu...

Fanty by Level 7
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G73jh VGA Driver update question.

I'm sorry if this has been asked before, and it probably has. But I'm having alot of trouble trying to run Battlefield 3, and most importantly, minecraft. Battlefield 3 simply will not load, and When I try to start minecraft, i get the infamous hss_e...

Unable to upgrade Video Drivers for G73JH

Hey guys, I recently got battlefield 3 and tried to play it. Upon launching the game, my ATI drivers would crash (according to event viewer). Anyways, I realized I still had the ASUS stock drivers installed, and I probably very much needed an updat...

[wubi] Ubuntu 12.04

Hi!Did somebody try install Ubuntu (with wubi) on ASUS G55VW-S1016V ? I can't get it working.

ToRo1979 by Level 7
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How to install Windows 7 without extra system paritions?

Usually when you choose to create a partition in Windows 7 setup, it prompts you to create a system partitionin my case, it also prompts me to create some MBR disk I think it is because my SSD is a GPT disk (I have no clue what's that)So basically, w...

Keyboard lights don't work after sleep

For some reason when my notebook goes to sleep for more than about an hour or so my keyboard lights don't seem to work The only thing ive changed before this started happening is the VIA HD audio drivers, although im pretty sure that has nothing to d...

mrwolf by Level 10
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G74sx Warranty Transferable?

So I might want to sell my G74sx-rh71. Is the warranty transferable? I have about 6 months left on it.If so how would I go about doing it. (So I can give the buyer the instructions).Example Dell has a website (can't remember it) where someone would p...

kslay by Level 7
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