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How to get faster support from Asus for defective parts

Hi Folks,Any idea how I can get quick support from Asus for G55VW issues, say replacement for a defective video card? I've already emailed them and though they have replied, it's taking them so long to resolve my issue. Out of the box I am having pro...

dvdrom problem

hi,i just bought my asus G75 VW laptop, everytime i run winamp or plug a flashdisk or external harddisk,my dvdrom starts to load.There is nothing inside.does anyone have the solution?thank you.

lvkid by Level 7
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Need a quick answer

Hi there,Anybody knows who should I contact in the country of the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) if I want to order a G55VW?I'm looking for a distributor/retailer/reseller that is certified to be able to get me a G55VW Or at least a moderator or someon...

How to wake G75 from sleep?

I don't usually put my computer to sleep, but when I did, I couldn't get it to wake up only with the power button.Any suggestions?

Should I get the G75?

Hi I'm Tristan from Malaysia.I was thinking about getting the G75 when I saw the thread about the audio thingy which I read through, the audio problem seemed terrible for me (It's not thoroughly fixed yet) as I do like to enjoy a nice audio experien...

G74Sx General Questions

Hi, I have owned my G74Sx for about a year now. I have loved every bit of it except when I tried Windows 8 in January, never again. I have upgraded it to 12gb of RAM and my primary hard drive is a 120gb HDD While having my original main in the 2nd sl...

Help regarding freshly bought G75VW.

Hey. I've recently bought the G75VW (GeForce GTX670 3GB,Core i7-3610QM,12GB RAM,750GB HDD) and I'm wondering what to do first. I read the thread "First things to do after buying G55/G75 based notebooks" and there was some things I didn't understand c...

Develon by Level 7
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Intel HM65 Chipset+ SATA III?

Hello again! I was just rummaging through the internet trying to find out which SSD is the fastest one I could put in a G73SW, but I wasn't sure if it was SATA III compatible. I just ran across something that said the Intel HM65 chipsets DO on fact s...