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Wifi Issues with G55 compared to old U52F

I ordered my new G55 from Best Buy on August 30 and just received it today as a replacement to my U52F which is about 1.5 years old. I booted it up, set it up, and connected to my home connection, and noticed the wifi was running awfully slow (betwe...

Mkrevald by Level 7
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G73SW - Blackouts & Reboots

Hey Everyone,Long time lurker first time poster. I have a G73SW (GTX 460M) with everything running at stock and nothing overheating. However I am getting the below issues randomly1. Ethernet randomly disappears2. Blackouts/Reboot during gaming (no BS...

T-D-C by Level 7
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Issues with G55

Today I was installing Diablo 3 and starcraft 2... However, Diablo 3 tell me that my GTX 660M drivers may be out of date... Nvidia still doesn't offer any 660M drivers so I don't know why is that happening.The other thing that's troubling me is the e...

ToTiN by Level 7
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G73jh Graphics Driver Nightmare

Hello ROG community, I've hit a brick wall when attempting to upgrade my G73jh from the factory drivers to the current v12.1 update for my ATI HD 5870 card. After 3 attempts and 3 BSODs, I went straight to the ASUS support page where I was directed ...

Joining the Republic (questions about the G75)

Hey all!Well, I'm all but decided on the G75. I'm pretty excited to finally get a new computer after four (plus) years and even more so to finally have a PC capable of gaming especially with the upcoming release of Fall of Cybertron, Hawken, and many...

DigiOps by Level 7
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660m or 670m?

Hey I was looking into both these cards and seeing as the 660m is with the new kepler series but the 670m is just a rebadged fermi would it be better to get the 660m?Im wondering if in the future driver support or hell even now with driver support is...

Beevman by Level 7
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ASUS G75 - Cant have high settings in dota2.

Hi,I just bought a G75 laptop. And i am disappointed. I cant play dota2, i have to have all settings on LOW, and everything is turned OFF in advanced settings.I can play mostly games on the highest settings. I have checked evry driver, and evrything ...

anger by Level 7
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