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G74sx Warranty Transferable?

So I might want to sell my G74sx-rh71. Is the warranty transferable? I have about 6 months left on it.If so how would I go about doing it. (So I can give the buyer the instructions).Example Dell has a website (can't remember it) where someone would p...

kslay by Level 7
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G75 Graphics card drivers

Hey there, I only got my new laptop yesterday. It has the Nvidia Geforce GTX 670m installed. However every game I have gone to play has notified me my drivers out of date, to be expected on a new laptop. However I can't get a driver off the Nvidia...

Drive D always showing fragmentation

Hello I am a total noob when it comes to computers.I have 2 drives currently on my g53,Drive C (OS) and Drive D (Data, but my games are here)After a few weeks ago, my drive D has always been showing 1%. I asked about it, but most replies were "Just f...

Skye by Level 7
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G73Jh Driver Update Failures

So, I tried updating my driver the other day. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I ended up having to format my computer. Afterwards, I tried carefully to update it again, and this time it resulted in a BSOD. I've considered trying to update it...

G73JW3DE - 3d Vision. How to watch in 3d?

Well,i've just bought a new G73JW3DE, with 3d vision kit, i've already setted under Nvidia Control Panel, the option on Nvidia 3D Laptop.The problem i'm experiencing is the following, if i use the internal (Nvidia CP) test, it work GREATLY, but when ...

Walty71 by Level 7
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Asus G73JH - Screen Replacement?

My G73 was overheating after about 10 minutes on a moderate-intensity game. So I decided to replace the thermal paste. It was still overheating, but I noticed that when I limited the FPS in games to 30, the temperature didn't go above 85 Celsius usua...

jhames by Level 7
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G75VW Freezing and Drivers not compatible

I have been an avid fan of Asus since my first Notebook the G73. Since then I have purchased 2 G73's, 2 G74's, and I am currently running the G75VW. For the first time I am having issues.I have always run a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate on thes...