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Power4Gear Hybrid issues

I just purchased a G75VW-Ds72 and am in the process of loading everything . The power4gear hybrid icon is present and everything comes up when i open it except the turbo boost options... Is there something i am not doing? The turbo function is...

G55 Audio/video lag

Hey,I received my G55 in the mail today and love the look and overall preformance of it. But there are some issues I'm having while watching youtube videos that are bothering me, and I'm looking to see if anyone here could help me out.When I watch a ...

Sommes by Level 7
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The Sound on G55

whn i play video on youtube the performance of speaker in G55 juz whn i use player to ply some MV.the quality and volume of sound different as playing at youtube.any1 face the same problem like me?

Asus power pin question ?

I recently bought my Asus g53sw and I get really paranoid with something I buy. I usually REALLY take care of my laptops and upon reading about the power pins on the asus g laptops breaking, I tend to now CAREFULLY and SLOWLY plug the jack in. Is the...

n3tninja by Level 9
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G73jh Terrible system lag and audio distortion

Hey all I have a question about my G73jh, when I am surfing the net or playing a game I get terrible system lag its like if cpu or ram use maximizes for about 5 seconds where everything slows down really bad and will not respond, plus I get a really ...

G73JH graphics update makes my head numb

I've read post after post about updating my graphics drivers and just can't it to work. I have flashed my BIOS, uninstalled the old drivers and used drive cleaners and ccleaner to make sure I got everything, and it still won't update properly. I've a...

tabro by Level 7
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G73 wont run on battery, only A/C

Hey guys,I've been having an issue with my g73 not being able to run on battery. Not sure when it started it happening, but I've only had my laptop for 2 years now. Bios version at 213 and noticed a few months ago that my laptop is unable to run of...

Graphics card help//reformatting help

Hi everybody,I'm currently having problems with my Asus G53SX computer. The specs are as follows:: Intel I7 2.0ghz processor (not over clocked) Nvidia GeForce 560M 2gig, 8 gig of ram.Problems arise while playing Counter Strike:Global Offensive I'm on...

NakeyT by Level 7
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