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Name of the G75

ok i might seem like a noob for asking this, but everyone on here refers to the G75VW but mine just has stickers G75Vis this the same or is there some difference

G74SX-BBK7 Replace DVD Drive

I am trying to find out if anyone has replaced the dvd drive on this laptop, mine just died one day and I was wondering if it was as easy as other laptops. The dvd drive will eject and if I put the dvd or cd in all it does is the light will flash but...

jtech48 by Level 7
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Minimizing Power Consumption G55

Hey everyone! So I'm headed to Germany tomorrow and I have a 10 1/2 hour flight across the pond from California. That being said the plane has onboard power but the sockets are limited to a whopping 75 watts. What can I do to my G55 to totally underc...

Weird red dots everywhere

When i play any game with decent graphics after about 30 secs of game play all my reds get more intense and there are lots of red dots all over my screen. Close out the game and the red dots stay there for about 10 secs.Ran a burn test with furmark a...

G75VW Qs

Does the best buy g75vw bbk5 come with extra fan vents or should i install them cause mine came with some in a baggy. How often should I clean vents sense I am a gamer?

Burning ISO to DVD

For some reason when using windows "Burn Disc image" feature the disc ejects and reads write speed is too high or low blah blah. Are there any quick, easy free programs/steps you guys can advise me to use to burn this iso so I can be on my way? Also ...

G74SX Monitor Color Calibration

Hello all,I was wondering if anyone has used a proper color calibration device on their G74 (non-3d display) and would be able to share their monitor calibration files or just some good tuning tips.I do a fair bit of (amateur) photography and when I ...

New problem.....G75vw

When I run on battery when playing games I get a brief (less then a second) black screen flash. It doesn't interrupt the game or anything. It happens about every 15 seconds or so. When I plug in my power cord it goes away.I recently updated to the ne...

Riiyan by Level 8
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External 3D display on ASUS G74

My ASUS G74 has a sticker on it that states:"nvidia 3DTV PLAY"So I searched around the nvidia site and found that the ACER GD245 HQ is compatible.So... I bought an ACER GD245 HQ and an nvidia 3D Glasses KitBut I canot get it to work.The Display works...

mx5boi by Level 7
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