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Battery question

The G75VW is my first laptop and I have a question about preserving the battery.The notebook is stationary 95%+ of the time and I was wondering which of these options is best for the battery:1. Keep it plugged in all the time with the battery.2. Remo...

CuriouS by Level 7
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Strange benchmark results

I just ran the benchmark that's is inside Just Cause 2 and got near 76fps, which is odd as before i did my clean install of windows I was getting 35fps , also the screen flickering is very much still happening. I'm going to record the flickering and...

soundcard issue

HiI have an issue with my G75V laptop. I have to continously reconnect my headset to the 3,5mm jackplug, or the sound is being redirected to the speakers. This happens everytime I reboot, open a new program, or even when i tab in and out of games.Any...

Nemeth by Level 7
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G55VW FHD DPI 120 or 96

I'm just curious, did you change the factory default DPI (120) on your G55VW with FHD display to the Windows default 96dpi? The text is smaller on 96dpi, but still readable. I think i will go with 96dpi. What's your opinion?

Replace hidden Ram on G55

I only take few photo...For more info refer to this video

Second fan logic in g75?

What time the second fan will work in game or above what temperature second fan will be work.I played metro2033 and second fan didnt work.I want to see if it is works.Also can we run second fan manually?

Is my RAM 1600 or 1666 Mhz.?

I am confused, do I have PC 1666 or PC 1600?Because if I open CPU-Z, then go to memory, here is what I see798.4 x2 = 1596 Mhz.I don't know why I was under the impression that I had PC1666 RAMIm confused

Internet Card Issue anyone?

So I had the G74SX, and I traded it in to upgrade to the G75VW. I like it. The feel, the look, just all around it seems like a good machine. I have everything updated and blah blah blah. I know my way around a computer alright, and my way around work...

G75 bios

Just wondering what Uefi boot and Pxe rom do and should I have them enabled or disabled

ushhh by Level 7
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please help big problem in my asus g53sx

can i use my backup after FORMAT because there are problem in hard disk i will change it but i did not have a windows and drive for my asus g53sx laptop can i use a back up and restore my windows what can i do ???