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Trying to do fresh install on new Solid State

Hey all, I have a new ASUS G75VW-RS72It comes with the 720gb HD and I added an Intel SSD 120gb to the second bay. I now want to re install windows onto the SSD. I have a few questions about doing this.First of all, I understand I need to keep a resto...

G75 recovery doesn't launch with dvd's

Hi, I'm Lightning188 and I'm french.I create this thread to talk about my G75VW-T1042VMy main problem is with my recovery dvd's. I try to recover my laptop with my asus dvd's, the recovery process is sucessfull, but when the computer restarts it says...

G75 Video Audio Issue

When the videos that I download onto my g75 laptop are played, audio and video get distorted after a while. I'm viewing my videos on Windows Media Player. The audio is playing properly however I believe that the video is whats lagging behind. Please ...

Moisture under touchpad

I've had my G75 for about two months now and I'm finding that my hands sweat while gaming (nothing new there). The problem is that the moisture has seeped under the left side of the touchpad which has left an unsightly mark and now the pad no longer...

Spackle by Level 7
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G53 and Sleeping Dogs

BEFORE YOU READI DON'T HAVE A DESKTOP SINCE I AM TRAVELLING ATMI have noticed that the fans were so hot as well and the right half part of the keyboard is heating a bit.Any tips?Anyone else playing this game?I am using an ASUS G53i7 2630qmGTX560m8GB ...

Skye by Level 7
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My wifi stopped working G75

All of a sudden my wifi is giving problems. Seems after sleep/hibernation the wifi signal drops. I see my router on the list and try to connect to it but the moment it says connected it drops again and attempts to reconnect again. Sometimrs it will s...

G74SX HIbernation/SLeep

Hey all,first time poster. I've looked through the forums and did some Googling the past week for a solution to the problem, but do not see a clear cut answer. There probably isn't a solution/workaround for this, but I figured I"d ask anyway. I just ...

Wuensch by Level 7
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G73sw-xn2 not charging

I have had my laptop for approximately one year now. About a week ago, I noticed that the charging light would not consistently stay lit and the battery was not charging.A friend opened it up and found that the pin / connector was broken where it at...

Honey by Level 7
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