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G74S Restore Issue

I had created the 4 recovery DVDs when I first bought the computer this March. I recently tried to use them, and the process got stuck at the fourth DVD. It would say "resume restore" and not continue for over an hour. I tried this twice. (Think ther...

G75v Gpu down throttle on battery (Nvidia 660m)

I am running a Nvidia 660m overclocked to 970Ghz base and when i am on battery power i experience a frame rate drop from high 70s and 80s(on AC power) to 10-20(on Battery) there a way to stop the throttleI am in High Performance modeI have wen...

G75vw Serious Graphics Issues

Hi there,I have already had to return one G75 because it completely failed to boot after only 2 days. Today I recieved my replacement, and the graphics card seems to be faulty. I've had an error come up already after the screen went pink and fuzzy sa...

cepukon by Level 7
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Touch Pad Issues

So im running 2 SSD;s in Raid now and got everything working but the touchpad no longer has the multi touch. Anyone know where i can get the multi touch driver for it>? I been looking but cant find it.

Instant On and Smart Logon Question(s)

Hi, I have these features displayed on my G75 (windows 7 ultimate), and I am trying to turn the on. When I select the Instant On - Enable Button, nothing happens...When I select the Smart Logon button, I get an error message stating that I A) ...

This cannot be normal... can it?

Hello there!Yesterday I went and bought my first laptop, an Asus G75GW.Magnificent machine, but I seem to have run into a problem which does not seem to be normal.I know the manual says that one should not place the machine on uneven or unstable surf...

Help - DVD Drive

Need some help with my DVD DriveG73JW - Slimline Type BD E DS4E1SI don't normally use my optical drive and can't really remember the last time I used it.Wanted to burn a DVD today but the DVD is not being recognised - just get the message "Insert a d...

Retired by Not applicable
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Question about sound on G75

Hey I just got my G75 and it's great except the sound seems to only come out of where the subwoofer is, is this normal? because the sound seems muffled and drowned by the bass by only coming out of the subwooferif this is normal how do i reduce the b...

Beevman by Level 7
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summertime madness on g53

Hi,In the last few weeks I have encountered two problems with my g53sw (460m) which might or might not be related.First, my computer has been turning off many times while gaming or doing some video conversions. I know it's summer and it's probably 3-...