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G55VW - Sound

Hi guys,Still playing around with my new G55. Game performance is great so far. Max Payne 3 looks awesome!One thing I did notice regarding this laptop is the loudness of the sound. I am trying to put the sound softer at night while everyone is sleepi...

dizz16 by Level 7
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Ghost Recon? Unplayable ?

Hey everyone....i tried running Ghost Recon Future solider and it just crashed on me without an error or problem...its not supposed to do that not on G73jh i7 ...does anyone have the same problem? and if anyone did then did anyone find a solution , f...

G75 User Upgrades and Voiding the Warranty........

I'm considering purchasing and upgrading a G75.I plan on #1 - Installing either a KillerNIC or 63xx Intel Wireless Card.#2 - Upgrading to 32GB of RAM ( The Machine will host Many VMs when Travelling if you really want to know :>)#3 - Installing my ow...

ZENTZU by Level 7
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Asus G75V crashes performing simple tasks - any idea?

Hello, I have a serious problem with my brand new Asus G75V. The problem is that while performing very basic operations it crashes (not a blue screen, it just stops responding and I have to switch the power off pressing the power button a few seconds...

Michal by Level 7
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YouTube videos out of sync with audio help...

Short back story: I have the G75VW-DS71 with the Geforce GTX 660M. I was having a few of the issues with some games (Metro 2033, Battlefield 3, TF2, etc.) that others were having like game freezes/lags for a brief 2 seconds with audio being distort...

!!HELP!! with my ASUS G73JH-BST7 2nd HDD issue

i just brought this hard drive with stock 640gb hdd and 6gb ram and then upgraded the ram 16gb and added 128GB SSD and 750GB WD blackthe problem is that the 2nd HDD which is the 750gb WD will appear in cold boot for a couple of minutes then it will d...

Problem with G75 and Windows locking up totally

Ever since I got this notebook (G75V) a few days ago it's been nothing but problems. Windows will lock up randomly and after about 10mins it's fine. Chrome has had more issues on this laptop then I've ever had with it period. It'll crash or flash ...

sevron by Level 7
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SSD for G55

Plan to install 240GB SSD to my G55. Which is better corsair, ocz or crucial? Can I use the win 7 iso from DigitalRiver to clean install win 7? The cd-key from my G55 will works, right? Thanks!

chiakh by Level 7
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