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G75VW Playing with battery issues

Hi guys,Yesterday I bought this G75VW, it is awesome!! Today I was playing Battlefield 3 with the laptop plugged in, everything went ok and smoothly, but when I played only with the battery, the game started to lag so much. It seems like the clock of...

G75VW just died

Well, after having happily owned my problem free G75VW for a month an a half, it just decided to call it quits on me tonight.Came home from picking up a friend from work and found it shutdown, I thought nothing of it, possibly a window update or some...

RAID 1 on a G75vw-ds73-3D

Howdy gents,After 8 years of solid use, my Alienware M9700 is starting to get a little creaky. I had a really good run with that machine, and it is incredible how long it stayed viable, but it is time to replace the old workhorse with a new horse. I ...

RecceDG by Level 9
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Feedback on running Windows 8 on a G74

Hello folks!I'm looking for some feedback from people who have successfully installed windows 8 onto their G74. I know that the ATK package has been glitchy on both my friend's Zenbook, and my sister's N-Series.The main problem I'm facing is that my ...

pcm2 by Level 7
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G75 Plugged in not charging

Hey thereGot my new G75 yesterday and has been going fine.Was playing some games today and when i quit to windows i was notified that the laptop is plugged in and not charging, yet staying at 95-96%. Does anyone know if this is this an issue or is it...

Extra RAM won't work.

I have the baseline G75 with 8GB RAM. But when I try to put any extra RAM cards in it, it just doesn't turn on. When I take them out however, it goes back to working like normal. What's going on?

Ian42 by Level 7
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Asus g75vw Wi-Fi conn dropping

Hello,i hope i will get any answer on this thread i am posting becouse i didnt really get any on my last one. As you can see my laptop is acting pretty normal nothing strange as my random spike lags just went away by doing nothing. Now i have only 1 ...

Adding SSD to G53JW?

I recently installed an SSD into the extra HDD slot for the ASUS G53 model....It didn't come with another bracket or caddy, so the SSD basically moves around in there, and I think that could damage the SATA plug over timeHow should I keep the SSD sec...