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Adding SSD to G53JW?

I recently installed an SSD into the extra HDD slot for the ASUS G53 model....It didn't come with another bracket or caddy, so the SSD basically moves around in there, and I think that could damage the SATA plug over timeHow should I keep the SSD sec...

G55 vw and razer onza TE

hi, i just received my asus g55 last thursday and i was trying to plug in my razer onza turnament edition but my notebook does not recognise and need to instal the driver. while, as i checked razer website there is no driver provided and it is plug a...

tan29 by Level 7
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Dire SItuation Windows start fail/Crash

i am in a very desperate place right now today i put my computer to sleep forgetting i had a game running so i opened the screen and pressed the power button then it asked me to resume or delete the save i accidentally hit delete the save cause i as ...

Vizard by Level 7
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asus g75 - close lid -> don`t shutdown

Hi.I am just wondering if there is an app or any settings i can change to make my asus g75 don`t shutdown or go to hibernate when i close lid?(Couldent find any post on this. So if there is allready a post on this. Disguard this one and just link the...

cooling solutions for G75

a lower gain -12 degrees on the GPU, I'm also holes at the GPU and I changed the thermal paste from the CPU and GPU by Arctic Cooling MX-4 and I made ​​myself a tablet laptop Cooling 2 fans with 120 and 140mmbeforeWithout lidyou can see the fans of ...

Lucas by Level 7
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G55 keyboard typing alone problem

Hello , I buy a G55vw a couple of week ago and have an issue with my keyboard : If i clic on space to write it will start to type 9 alone and at infinite like 99999999999999999... , it stop if I press a key , and re begin when I press E , G, H ,8 , i...

Repasted G74

1 year warranty was up a few days ago, so decided to repast CPU and GPU. For the TIM I used Tuniq TX-4, was going to use Coollaboratory Liquid Pro, but TX-4 was close enough in performance, and less risk.Things to note: - The warranty seal was alread...

I'm getting annoyed with my G75...

So I bought my G75 from Best Buy and I have had nothing but issues since I have gotten it. I had the G74 and loved it. I wanted to buy another (My girlfriend broke my old one and I broke up with her lol) but they are of course discontinued. Anyways, ...

G75 and function key

Bought the g75-bbk5 2 days ago and all function keys worked. The only on that doesn't is the function bluetooth/wifi one. How do I fix? Also when I boot up the pc it says Bluetooth is able to connect to others or something. How do I turn that off

Nyorker by Level 7
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