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Replacement Fan for G53SW-XN1

How would i be able to obtain a replacement fan for this laptop model.The fan to the right side of my laptop sounds like a lawn mower. It's not hitting any wires and i'm guessing it could possibly be a bad bearing.

Ioriya by Level 7
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slow WLAN and LAN speeds

I have intel wireless - 105 and LAN - Atheros AR8151 cards. So wlan max speed is 50mbit - 6,25MB/s and via the LAN max speed is 70mbit - 8,75MB/s. In another pc via the WLAN max speed is 95mbit - 11,9 MB/s and via the LAN is full 100mbit - 12,5 MB/s....

G74SX-ST1: Two obscure issues

So I'm hoping someone in the community here has some ideas about what might be occurring with two seperate (and very annoying) issues I'm having with my G74SX-ST1:1) My blu-ray drive will NOT read any media other than blu-ray discs UNTIL I put in a b...

jonfl1 by Level 9
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G71G not booting up/no battery charge

I tried to hunt down possible solutions for this before I went and signed on. But it's nice to know you have a community for this laptop I love so much. Definitely will bring me back to the ROG market.Well the laptop was just fine. My AC adapter h...

ez112 by Level 7
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Driver updates for the G55/G75

Hello there, I currently own a G55VW and I am highly surprised that there is no official nVidia driver in their own website! So my first question is why, and how come ROG has a driver? My second question is related to the VIA audio driver. Of course ...

ggBanks by Level 10
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FPS lag

Hello,So i'm an owner of a G53S and i've been having major issues with FPS. I recently bought guild wars 2 and i'm not even able to play the game with solid fps with the graphics turned on to low. In an unpopulated area it runs ok although the occasi...

Gerard by Level 7
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SSD Installation on G53SX

Hello everyone,I've just ordered a SSD and I would like to prepare for the Windows 7 installation.I have some questions however on the best way to proceed: I've already burnt the 5 dvd via AI Recovery burner and also downloaded the ISO in the sticky ...

Mirumoto by Level 7
  • 25 replies
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G55VW Left Fan not working

Hello. I've purchased my G55VW a week ago and recently I've been getting worried cause my CPU has reached 86 celsius and my GPU 76 celsius after aboug 5-6 hours of gaming and the LEFT fan does not seem to turn on or work in any way... I put my hand i...