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2 ssd.....

Hello all ... I was wondering if you could remove all the hd 7200 rpm and put only volumes 2 SSD (one as primary and one as a data disk) ... I state that I have already on a ssd I put the OS .Thank you.

Giako by Level 7
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Woot first "problem"

its not really a problem but a larger annoyance. i use Mozilla Firefox as my web browser. so the problem is just recently Aurora has been taking forever to load pages and gives me script errors. it basically starts to load gives me 3 script errors th...

Holy by Level 7
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Any helpful suggestions?

Heys guys, I just recently bought the G75vw a week ago. The main problem im having with it is while printing reports with Mircosoft Office 2010, at random moments during printing i get the BSOD. Im using a hp deskjet 1000, that I used with another la...

My asus g73jh have GSOD !!!!!

This is happening after I updated my graphic card to the new version. When playing game and watching movie in full screen mode, this happen after 1 minute. Here is my spec:Core i7 1.60 Ghz8G Memory RAMATI Mobility Radeon HD5870

how do i disable the touchpad on a clean install??

how do i go about disabling the touchpad on a clean installed windows 7? fn f9 doesn't work and i'm sure i installed every possible drivers already or is there a specific drivers for the touchpad? i tried disabling the touchpad from control panel but...

Which G75VW model should I get?

I've been looking through some of the models that people have listed for the G75VW, but so far I haven't found a model with specs simpler to these:3rd Gen-i7 2.6GHz Processor12-16 GB RAM120/128 GB SSD Primary HD(Optional) 500-750 GB HD or Hybrid8X DV...

HUGE problem need help

Ever since yesterday my computer has been running slow and youtube was stuttering. I decided to look into the problem and downloaded CPU-Z, windows is only detecting one of my cores. I tried to change the setting with msconfig but I can only select 1...