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Totally Confused about NVIDIA Graphics

Forgive my ignorance, but ....what is the difference between between Nvidia GeForce 660M and 660 Ti....if there is a difference? Also, since I've been looking at buying a G75 series, I've been looking at the 660 with 2GB...I came across another syste...

Abby by Level 7
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G55vw bios

Hello! My G55VW-DS71 is currently with BIOS 206. Do I need to upgrade it to BIOS 209? What would I get by upgrading it to 209 - will it increase the overall performance of my pc? :confused:

SSD upgrade advisement

Hey Everyone,Proud owner of asus g75vw -best buy edition. 8 gb ram , 1 tb -stock hdd (ai recovery latest and greatest)Have upgraded the ram to 32gb(win7 pro) of corsair vengence-yes warranty void you live A couple of questions about the ssd(have sam...

Computer GPU Stuttering

So, I've been getting stuttering in my computer since 2 days ago. I searched on Google about the problem for the past few days.I did chkdsk, reg clean, defragmenting, disk cleanup, virus scan, turning antivirus off, reinstalling drivers, updating dri...

Tigital by Level 8
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FPS on the g series?

I wanna know what fps people are getting with the g75/55. What are you guys getting on like Mass Effect, Minecraft, Skyrim and Arkham City? Especially with the new nvidia drivers for the gtx 660/670.

G75 Problems. I want my money back.

I am an owner of a G75. I buyed this pc in June, after two months this is full of problems.The framerate is low, the screen sometimes becomes 8-bit color, sometime it remains black, the sound is terrible but worse my computer turns off all the time.I...

logiktoy by Level 7
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The G75VW never going to have better GPU?

Hi, there are many notebooks with GTX 675m and 680M. Asus does not plan to do the same?A new model for G75VW with those GPU.I want to buy a G75VW but I want to know if you will see new models soon.I want to buy the latest model.

RGT19 by Level 7
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LOW FPS on BF multiplayer or Crysis 2

Hey can u help and send me how many FPS do u have while playing these games because when i´m playing on middle settings on HD i have about 17 - 35. It falls down every few seconds on 17 - 25 fps and its unplayable. Try to image you playing at 35 FPS...

USB 3.0 Issues with Flash Drive 2.0

Hello,I have a USB Flash Drive Sandisk 16Go that works perfectly fine everywhere expect on my G75 , somehow my laptop does not detect it , also not light on , I have followed couple solutions about formatting my usb to NTFS , But nothing works.PS : T...