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asus gpu tweak on g75vw

Guys, i installed asus gpu tweak program on my g75vw, then when i play video from you tube it bricked (OS hanged and you cannot restart unless you remove battery-im on battery pack when i experience this) any suggestion to prevent this?

G55VW-RS71 MXM slot?

I've search about, but does anybody know if the G55VW-RS71 or any G55 model (or G75) models have a MXM slot? I know ASUS uses their own size cards but the MXM slot is standard? Is this correct?Besides cooling, etc, is their anything stopping me putti...

G75VW BBK5 Price drop

Someone mentioned this in another thread. The Best Buy Version (U.S.) of the GW75 is down $100.00.No, I do not work for Best Buy. Just sharing the Info...

Feralhog by Level 9
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G75 doesnt Recover / Boot

one effed up day i started my G75 its like 3 weeks old so i turn it on and it saysReboot and select proper boot device or Insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key so know i researched they say press f9 to goto recovery and repair i k...

Best new Wi Fi+BT card for the g74sx

Hi, Had my G74sx for a bit now, and am sick of the 65mbps on the Atheros AR9002WB-1NG.So I'm looking for a new BT+WiFi card. I've read posts dating back last year about upgrading the card to Intel 6230/5 (I struggle to find the 6235). Are these still...

mrcyco by Level 7
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Problem with charger on G55VW

Hi everyone,So I have this problem that when the laptop is in idle state and does nothing the charger is making this hissing sound(kind of a bit loud if you are in a quiet room) but when I start putting pressure on the laptop it stops doing that. But...

ggBanks by Level 10
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Possible upgrades for a G74SX?

I`m Have G74SX - I7-2670QM - Gtx 560M - 8GB Ram 1333MHZ - I`m like know abou possible upgrades for Cpu, Gpu and Memory.Ivy Bridge processor is compatible with G74SX??? Gtx 6**M is compatible With G74SX? HD 7970 is Compatible With G74SX?? G74Sx is com...

g74sx hard drive

One of my hard drive died, I got an error message saying that my drive was invaild than my d and e drive deleted themselves from my computer. I need to replace it, my question is which hard drive should I replace it with, I was wanting to get a drive...