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Which G74SX driver will allow me to use hibernate?

I had to use 285.62, which is very old, in order for hibernate to work properly. Every other driver I have tried (maybe 4-5 of them) do not allow me to use hibernate, because when the laptop boots back up, the screen remains black and unlit. Anyone h...

Lazer77 by Level 7
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G53 Ridiculous Fan noise

A day or two ago, my G53SW's top right fan (When looking at the keyboard) Began to make ludicrous amounts of noise, even when I cleaned out the vents with compressed air (And I did it thoroughly, as much as I can possibly do within my knowledge and w...

Rarius by Level 7
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Very happy with my new g75

I just got my new G75VW-RS72 today!!! COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. i7 3610- 16gig Ram-- 120gb Intel 520 SSD --750gb Seagate Momentus XTI have to admit during the wait till it arrived I kept reading the threads and thinking OMG I hope I did not make a mistak...

Water/sweat at the right side of trackpad. Help!

Hey guys. I don't know if others have this problem but I'm those people with sweaty hands and when I game my hands sweat even more. Because I rest my left hand on top of the WASD keys most of the time, I think some of my sweat may have gotten into th...

keiiiii by Level 7
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Performance with a USB Laptop Docking Station?

Hello,I've decided that I'd like to buy a docking station to manage all my cables and make it easy when i get home, to plug all my other hardware into my laptop.I have just about one question that hopefully one or some of you can answer for me;Does u...

What Would Trigger the G53S Magnet Problem?

I usually keep my ROG G53s laptop on at all times to avoid the problem associated with the G53S Magnet (The magnet doesn't detect if my lid is closed or not) but for obvious reasons, I don't think it's the smartest thing to do. What triggers the "mag...

G50 -> No display until windows is loaded ???

Hi ,I have a G50VT-X5 , everything was fine until a couple weeks ago , the display stop working from when i push the power button til windows is loaded...When windows is loaded i got display fine , running smooth like nothing is wrong ..I don't see t...