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Possible upgrades for a G74SX?

I`m Have G74SX - I7-2670QM - Gtx 560M - 8GB Ram 1333MHZ - I`m like know abou possible upgrades for Cpu, Gpu and Memory.Ivy Bridge processor is compatible with G74SX??? Gtx 6**M is compatible With G74SX? HD 7970 is Compatible With G74SX?? G74Sx is com...

g74sx hard drive

One of my hard drive died, I got an error message saying that my drive was invaild than my d and e drive deleted themselves from my computer. I need to replace it, my question is which hard drive should I replace it with, I was wanting to get a drive...

3DMark11 BE & Heat results with complete new ASUS G75VX

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M 2048MB (Driver version 14336 MBHard drive model 500GB ST9500423ASScoreP2532 3DMarksGraphics Score2283 Physics Score7531 Combined Score2150 PC Health CheckYour PC is performing properly.When this test was go...

ASUS G55 gets update?

hi guys, i was about to pre order asus G 55 in Malaysia; however the store clerk told me that ASUS is going to revise the G 55 machine so thatit would be probably arrived on mid June. Is this issue true because it made me hesitate to purchase the mac...

tan29 by Level 7
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Color issues: Screen or GPU driver?

Hey all. So, this won't be a very scientific explanation of my problem, as I don't rightly know how to call it... But the gist of it is that blacks on my computer seem very... Pixel-ly, I guess. Like the transition between different very dark sha...

g73jh-tz002v sound problem

Hi, i have a very strange issue. Last week when i play, my notebook crashed like for few second freezing my sound and my game and then blue screen, after restart everything radomly hard freezing and i can't do anything. In the safe mode its normal.I ...

kocjak by Level 7
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Asus G75VW-T1143V-16

Hello,This is my first post here on the forums, and if I was not diligent enough and ask something that was already answered you have my full permission to slap me (but please leave a link to the answer :))I bought my rog laptop a couple weeks back a...

sixaxis by Level 7
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