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ASUS G74SX-BBK9 or G74SX-BBK11???

I am getting a gaming Asus laptop from Best Buy. Right now they have 2 models that seem identical and the specs sheet they list isn't complete or accurate. I havent been able to find the specific differences between the 2 models G74SX-BBK9 or G74SX-B...

Jordan by Level 7
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Up Close And Technical: ROG G75VW Features Detailed pulled the wraps off its new 3rd Generation Core processors just this week and that means it’s time for ROG to launch the new ROG G75VW gaming lapt...

X-ROG by Level 15
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G53SW Graphics Problem While Gaming

Hello, I believe my GPU is overheating while I game. A few minutes after I start a game up (Diablo III in this case), the dark colors turn to red and flash between dark or red colors. If I minimize the game, the screen returns to normal in under a mi...

Kensington lock slot on G75vw? Any recommendations?

I've been checking g75vw images from various retailers and none seem to show a kensington security lock slot. I'm assuming there isn't one available.Are there any recommendations for theft deterrent devices? I know these things aren't designed to pre...

DFox by Level 7
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Nvidia GeForce 306.23 WHQL Driver Has Arrived

The latest WHQL driver by nVidia has arrived.It's also compatible with the soon to come Windows 8. downloading it for testing later.)EDIT: I just saw the G55/G75 Forum has a similar thread.I was t...

PILGRIM by Level 11
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what is the idle and load temp for the asus G74-E3D?

my laptop gpu idle is running at 32C` up to 35C`. (celsius)now when play Tera online at full settings it goes up to 65C`.but i hear the fan working like a maniac after 2 or 6 hrs.Now i dont know if they are normal tempertures.If someone can tell me ...

Noflak by Level 7
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Chipset drivers for G73?

Are the new chipset drivers from this page also for the G73SW?

Saizo by Level 7
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G75VW-T1086V Freezing

Okay, so I've had this awesome laptop for more than a week now, and every now and then it starts to freeze up, it's happened 99% of the time whenever I play League of Legends, it's like the display and everything freezes, but every application in the...

JayFel by Level 7
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