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Is it worth upgrading my RAM?

Hey guys,just a quick question about if it's worth it to upgrade my RAM from 8 to 12 or 16. I use my Asus G75VW to do some photoshop or mainly fps based gaming. Your thoughts?

Cleaning g75?

How can I clean my G75? my screen is getting dirty and cant remove it by just wiping it by cloth used for cleaning the screen of cellphone. How can I clean it?

Serious Temperature issues, or sensor problems

I just got my G74sx laptop back from maintenance since it died on me a month ago, got the Motherboard replaced, and happy as a bee that I was finally able to play some GuildWars2 with my friends. The first thing i did was to boot up the computer, all...

Soosman by Level 7
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glitches while browsing internet/watching videos

the audio and video glitches for like 1 and a half to 2 seconds. i just got this laptop a couple days ago, and i would very much like to know what the problem could be. i got this laptop for music production and its important that there arent any aud...

JoySticks/FightSticks don't work on the g74sx 3D

Just wondering if there's a driver problem or anything with the 2.0 USB slots or something. Because when I plug in the Stick to the slots, it says installing, and complete. Then when I check the calibrations and buttons the inputs don't work. It only...

Just got my asus g75vw laptop!!!

And I can't connect to the wireless Internet... There's nothing wrong with my router because I can connect on another laptop, my phone and my tablet. Can anyone tell me if there's a way to fix this or will I have to send my laptop back to staples?

Kyled12 by Level 7
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