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I need help to rescue my laptop!! i have a problem with my laptop yesterday & today. i'm just lucky to revive my comp. tomorrow the same thing will happen. can anybody tell me whats happen with this and whats going on? I have realise my cpu...


g74sx dh-72 CD/DVD's won't load

Whenever I put a disk in, it just gets stuck loading and autoplay freezes and it never finishes loading. I tried using an external DVD drive but the same thing occurs. It just gets stuck loading.

Sound Coming from one side of my headphones

Hey guys,I have a G74SX with i7 2720QM.Recently my old set of headphones finally went when I got up and moved jerking the cable a little.I then came home with a cheap set (plantronics gamecom 307). My birthday is in a few weeks and my lovely missus ...

nnank76 by Level 7
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Help with g53sx gpu fan issue

Hello, recently i bought asus g53sx on ebay. everything was fine until 3-4mths my laptop starts giving out crackling sound although not that loud sounds. i think it come from my gpu fan. during intense gaming my temperature is high between 72-80+C. i...

G74s - ~ 1 year old - Performance Issues

I've had my G74s for about a year, and recently, performance has declined. This involves both gaming and several other small tasks. Core i7 2670QM @ 2.20 GHZ8.00 GB DDR3 13332x 500 GB HDD'sGTX 560M 2GBI was having some issues for a while with basic o...

G75 & Intel Rapid Storage drivers

both my G75's have M4 SSD's for boot drive and WD HDD secondary. BIOS has SATA set to AHCI. i see under device manager MS drivers are actually linked to the hardware and not Intel. couple of questions,1. one needs the IRS only if in the BIOS the SATA...

MUPiSz by Level 7
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G55 BIOS that allows fan speed control

Is there a BIOS that allows fan speed control over the GPU? Can ASUS please make one?I would like to have it so my GPU fan is not always at 100% and blaring loud. Fan control over the CPU would be nice as well.I'm currently on 209.

Do Win 7 drivers work on Win 8 for G55 ?

I was wondering if the Windows 7 drivers that are available now will work on windows 8 if I decide to install it on my machine?And if not all of them work, can you please say which ones don't? Thanx!

ggBanks by Level 10
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