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Asus G751 JT randomly stops charging

So I have had problems with this laptop where the battery would only get to 84% and would randomly stop charging and die, so I put a new battery in it. It worked for a few days, and while the 84% charge problem has been fixed, now it will randomly st...

How to install Windows 7 on G750JS, G750JM and G750JZ

Just bought the midrange G750JS on April 7th and had some pretty difficult 10 hours installing Win 7 and having all drivers to work and all so wanted to share it with you guys. The good news is that you can make it all work just perfectly fine. I've ...

Hegemon by Level 7
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G750 jh dead. power block light goes off if plugged.

Went black in the middle of the game (on the table). Tried to restart and after some seconds died completely. No lights, no nothing. Never dropped or damaged. Didn't install any hardware lately. Power adapter shows 19,56v and drops to 0,2 v if plugge...

numanRC by Level 7
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G551VW - FW148T Laptop Screen Blank HDMI Working

The Laptop screen & logo not working. Webcam OK. I lost the screen after a Windows Critical Update, then after about 6 or so resets over about 4 days, Windoze rediscovered the laptop screen. I utilised the HDMI port on an external monitor with n...

G703VI temps and CPU stability?

Hi all!Can an owner of this GTX 1080+7820hk Chimera laptop please share his/her experience?If I use the laptop with the factory 4.3 GHz , will I have overheating issues?Also, if the CPU is over clocked to 4.3 GHz, is the core clock stable or there ar...

Bricked G751JY

I had to replace the CMos battery as It was defective. When I put in a new battery, the computer turns on, with two beeps but the screen is black, and I can't even enter the bios. It stays on for about a minute and shuts off.Somehow I've lost the bi...

Random shutdown on Asus G75vw when connected to power chord.

Hi.Long story short I am getting really fed up with this computer.I've had it for 2 years. Have had it repaired on the warranty twice (both for overheating, first they replaced the subwoofer(don't ask me why) second time they replaced the graphics ca...

mcbogel by Level 7
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Change out the USB board? - G750 USB (left) issue

HiSince my G750JX now starting to get old and I have to open it up and fix the LCD ribbon cable anyway I was wondering if I also should replace the troublesome USB board. My 2 left USB port has never worked OK. I’ve read on this forum that it is a po...

aarbogh by Level 7
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