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G74sx Issues

Hey guys,I am having issues with my laptop, Asus g74sx.It came pre loaded with win 7 home premium and all the usual Asus stuff. I currently use the laptop for work as well as games.The issues started to arise when I had to wipe home premium and insta...

DjTyrant by Level 7
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G74SX-BBK7 Having issues need help...Please...

Hey ROG community hope ya day is better then mines lolOk well for the record if any Asus mods reading this I LOVE your products but I really feel Asus did me wrong on this one.:mad:My laptop just out of warranty two months ago...sad part is I think m...

VeparS by Level 7
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G55vw poor HDMI quality on LCD (Samsung and LG)

Hello everyone.This is my first laptop ever. I waited a while to buy a really good one. I had the problem with the spikes that I saw thread about it before some weeks ago.Now I manage to find another Issue (Don't get me wrong I LOVE this laptop).When...

ShayDD by Level 7
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Diablo 3 momentary freezing on G55VW

Hello all,Got a G55 notebook this week and it's pretty great. I'm experiencing one glitch, however. When I'm in Diablo 3, I'll often experience short hiccups where the game freezes for a fraction of a second. Then when it unfreezes, it's like it "cat...

hongooi by Level 7
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Unable to do clean install of win7 on ssd

Hello people,I have recently purchased an 120 GB Sandisk SSD which I have managed to install on my G53-SX. The problem is that I have been unable to install windows 7 x64 premium on it. I formatted the HD partition that previously had win7 with no...

G74sx memory upgrade

I've had my G74(i7-2630 and bios 203) for awhile now and I've decided I want to upgrade my ram and to add a ssd HD. I've been searching and reading alot here, and I can't decide what kind of memory to get. I would really like to have at least 16gb RA...

Pink screen! Hope it's not my GPU!

Hi friends, I had a very worring problem about my GTX460 using 296.10 in my G53JW. While i was watching a full screen Youtube video, and a song was being played on background, i suddenly had a kind of pitched PINK and green vertical bars, like pink ...

Asus G53sx - Fans making loud noise

The temperature of the cpu and gpu do not exceed 50°C but the fans are running all time at max speed 100 %cpu 42°C - Gpu 37°Cit's good when the temperature reach 70 °C or 80 °C ... but when the temperature is under 45 °C it is strange , the fans are ...

samine by Level 7
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G75 Screen going black

Update: It doesn't necessarily go black. It just goes a solid color. I've seen orange, blue, red, and black.Okay, I know a lot of people are having problems with G55/75 but I really haven't except for two things.I have this weird problem where out of...

hoboX10 by Level 7
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