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UPGRADE G74SX LCD Screen from 1600x720 to 1920x1080

Hi guys,i am about to upgrade my G74 with new screen.I have now stock 1600x720 screen and i am upgrading to a 1080p screen.Do i have to change the LVDS cable or is the stock cable of my laptop ok to use the new screen at the new reoslution?HAs anyone...

Why Nvidia Optimus doesn't work?

Hello! I have ASUS G75VW with 3d. And I want to have Nvidia Optimus function. Intel HD graphics doesn't support 120hz? That's not a problem - make optimus avialable on 60 Hz. It's better to have 60Hz and work 6-7 hours on battery than have 120Hz and ...

ViktorRu by Level 7
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G51 vx freeze

Hi guys,I have Asus G51vx, (best buy).Of course its hot peace. I started to get more and more heat issues, while its started to freeze and crash on Assassins Creed Brotherhood. I installed newest drivers, windows etc. I found my GPU heats up to 108 ...


G73JH Realtek driver problem with Windows 8

Hey everyone,I own an ASUS G73JH laptop and I recently upgraded to Windows 8.As I read in many threads in the forum - and after I experience the crash/lockup problem - I upgraded all the requiered drivers and everything seemed to work fine.Toady the ...

etus by Level 7
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G73JH-HST7 Sata II or Sata III?

I own the G73JH-HST7, I am wondering if the controller is a SATA 2 or SATA 3 one. I want to upgrade the boot drive to an SSD, however, I do not want to spend money on a SATA 3 SSD if the controller is only a SATA 2 one.

skemack by Level 7
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G74sx 3d??

HiBrought an used G74SX and very happy with it, I did a fresh install of Win7 Ultmate and used this guide:*banned website*However, I know my device is 3D enabled since the glasses were included, but since wiping the machine what drivers do I need to ...

How to install Stereoscopic 3d driver on G74sx?

I got G74sx, but don't know if mine is a 3D model or not (how can I find it)...I do have enable/disable 3D option in start menu and 3D settings in nvidia panel...I downloaded "Stereoscopic_3D_Driver_NVIDIA_Win7_64_Z26619" and installed it, but there...

drraman by Level 7
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Bluetooth, Windows 8 upgrade and G75vw

Im curious, I am having issues connecting a 2nd Bluetooth,or any other Bluetooth device to the My G75vw, I have a razor Orchi mouse, connects 100% of the time, But I cant seem to connect my BT headset...Period. My desktop picks up the head set, the G...