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Asus G75 VW Random Freezing "SSD" - FIXED!

Ok****This worked for me, and there is no guarantee that it will work for you. But you might give it a go.So I have had my new G75 for about a month and noticed that the computer would randomly freeze, and would have to turn it off manually every tim...

SSD + HDD issue

Hey everyone. So I've installed my new SSD (a Samsung 830) to great success and I am very pleased. However, I've just reinstalled my old HDD (the Seagate 750GB that came with the computer) as a backup/data drive, and every time I boot the computer ...

G55 Windows 8 Multitouch Scroll

I've looked all over for this issue. Recently upgraded to Windows 8 on my 55vw and the only problem I'm having is multi-touch scroll on the track-pad. Swiping two fingers up and down to scroll doesn't work. I completely removed the elan drivers and i...

G75VW Battery (Need Guide)

Hello,I ordered my G75VW and i need a guide on battery first time charging and how to take care of it (e.g how many hours do i need for first time charging, can i play it on charge without removing the battery, etc.). Sorry for the noob question, as ...

shinraiz by Level 7
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G75, new SSD + installing windows 7

Hello guys! I just recently got my G75 and an extra SSD. The laptop came with windows 8, so I'm planning to install windows 7 on the SSD and formatting the old hard disk after that. But I'm having some troubles here.I can see the SSD on disk manageme...

Tursmo by Level 7
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USB Port/FN issues after Win 8 Upgrade

Hi all!So I've had my Asus G74 for almost a year now and love it. I know some tech basics, but not super teach savvy. So I'd really appreciate some help.I've been doing some research, but am still at a loss.Since I upgraded to Windows 8, I have 1 USB...

G75 VW not working properly.... Please help!

I recently purchased a G75VW-TS71 through (about a month ago) along with a OCZ agility 3 SSD. The laptop has been working very well for the last month but, yesterday out of the blue started behaving strangely. It began when I was brow...