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ASUS G55VW - F9 recovery not working

So I just purchased a g55 last week and upgraded to Windows 8 immediately upon receiving it. I never bothered to even make a backup disc as this is now my 3rd ROG laptop and I've always just used F9 to format if I needed to. Now everything is fine wi...

G73jh Problem

Hello,I have a G73Jh, with bios on 213, but graphics drives of 2010.I want to upgrade the graphics drives of my laptop, but every time I make it when I go to play, my screen stay blue/black and moments later appear a blue screen with a error.I know t...

trexls by Level 7
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G53SX Will not finish POST. Intermittent problem.

Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me with this issue I'm having with my G53SX. By the way, I work in IT, so please, get technical with me, I'll understand. The problem I'm running into is similar, but not exactly the same problem as the Blac...

G74sx screen on a G74s

I broke my screen on my G74s and can't find any replacements for this model. I was wondering if I could just use the G74sx screen if its the same size and resolution that i have on my G74s.

G75 - Windows 8 - very slow SSD?

Greetings!I have installed a 120GB Kingston 200v+ SSD drive on port 0 of my G75VW-T1019W and then made a clean install of Windows 8 on that drive. Everything is ok except very slow performance of my SSD disk (according to AnandTech performance of tha...

okuzma by Level 7
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Disabling touchpad for G74SX

Some time ago, I figured out to permanently disable the touchpad and now it's back. Is there a way to permanently disable the touchpad?? I've removed it from the device manager list a couple times and Windows will reinstall the drivers for it. I c...

Jebus by Level 7
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Looking for a driver manager ... suggestions?

Ok, so I looked at Driver Manager and DriverMax. Both of them yield different results. This is my effort to find drivers for the G75 that are always updated and current. So, any suggestion(s) would be helpful.

Noiroi by Level 7
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Is it possible to change the whole touchpad?

WEll i recently got the Asus g74sx ,i don't use mice at all, just touchpads, i absolutely hate the touchpad on this, and adore the touchpad on my precious hp dv6 , how hard would it be if i took the laptop to a technician to literally change the touc...

Seagate momentus slower over time?

Hi,I've been noticing over the past weeks, that programs don't start as quickly as they used to. I think the computer bootup is still quite fast, but once in windows when I open my browser it takes 3-4 sec to start, whereas 2 months ago it was instan...

iluvatar by Level 7
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