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Yes I dual booted my G75VW. Win7U and Ubuntu 12.04

Final Results Partition structure.Drive size SAMSUNG SSD 830 500GB Partition 1: 2GB ESP <-EFI boot must be First 100MB min. Be default that big WIn7 makes it. not big enough for two O/S + EFI apps. I made it 2GB for GrowthPartition 2: 2GB MSR ...

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emurach by Level 9
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Which Notebook is right for me?

Hi, I was just wondering if I could get a little help picking out a new notebook. I currently have a pretty good gaming computer which I am looking to sell and get a notebook as I want to take it around places like friends houses or away with me.Thin...

Corey by Level 7
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G74sx-A1 No pinch to zoom on touchpad

Hey guys, new to the forum. I have a question, I received my laptop about a month ago and while all the functions work so far, i realise pinch to zoom and rotate doesn't work on the Sentelic touchpad. Is this touch pad multi-touch? If so, what could...

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g73jh, time to update...

hello, need parts no# for cable to connect ssd to motherboard 1. also need part no# for hard drive adapter to mount ssd 2. wish to upgrade to intel "n" wireless need part no# 3. also need ram info to install 16 gig. plan on refresh of thermal paste...

Pulsing/strobing black screen

Im wondering if anyone has had this issue. there screen suddenly starts strobing/flashing/pulsing a black screen, desktop still there, or whatever your doing, like the monitor is just shutting of and coming back on. this has only happend a few times ...

G73JH vBios Update and ATI Drivers

Guys, I have been getting Blue Screens and Crash Dumps The story is, I have updated my BIOS and vBios about two weeks ago. BIOS: 211, vBios: Then I updated the ATI driver to the latest: 12.10. Although the blue screens were random a...

asustr by Level 7
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Buying G75

Hello ! Sorry about this but i am thinking where to buy G75 in Singapore as i am a Singaporean.I want a G75 without 3D as is cheaper? Any place to the laptop cheaper?

Help! G74Sx . .FPS fluctuation

I got this Fluctuation in any games.Like Borderland 2SkyrimNeed for Speed Most Wanted 2012even Batman Arkham CityI'm already frustrated :'(I got this decent 45-60FPSthen suddenly when I move it down FPS upto 10FPSwhat will I do?. .please do reply. .I...