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Pulsing/strobing black screen

Im wondering if anyone has had this issue. there screen suddenly starts strobing/flashing/pulsing a black screen, desktop still there, or whatever your doing, like the monitor is just shutting of and coming back on. this has only happend a few times ...

G73JH vBios Update and ATI Drivers

Guys, I have been getting Blue Screens and Crash Dumps The story is, I have updated my BIOS and vBios about two weeks ago. BIOS: 211, vBios: Then I updated the ATI driver to the latest: 12.10. Although the blue screens were random a...

asustr by Level 7
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Buying G75

Hello ! Sorry about this but i am thinking where to buy G75 in Singapore as i am a Singaporean.I want a G75 without 3D as is cheaper? Any place to the laptop cheaper?

Help! G74Sx . .FPS fluctuation

I got this Fluctuation in any games.Like Borderland 2SkyrimNeed for Speed Most Wanted 2012even Batman Arkham CityI'm already frustrated :'(I got this decent 45-60FPSthen suddenly when I move it down FPS upto 10FPSwhat will I do?. .please do reply. .I...

ASUS G55VW - F9 recovery not working

So I just purchased a g55 last week and upgraded to Windows 8 immediately upon receiving it. I never bothered to even make a backup disc as this is now my 3rd ROG laptop and I've always just used F9 to format if I needed to. Now everything is fine wi...

G73jh Problem

Hello,I have a G73Jh, with bios on 213, but graphics drives of 2010.I want to upgrade the graphics drives of my laptop, but every time I make it when I go to play, my screen stay blue/black and moments later appear a blue screen with a error.I know t...

trexls by Level 7
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G53SX Will not finish POST. Intermittent problem.

Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me with this issue I'm having with my G53SX. By the way, I work in IT, so please, get technical with me, I'll understand. The problem I'm running into is similar, but not exactly the same problem as the Blac...

G74sx screen on a G74s

I broke my screen on my G74s and can't find any replacements for this model. I was wondering if I could just use the G74sx screen if its the same size and resolution that i have on my G74s.

G75 - Windows 8 - very slow SSD?

Greetings!I have installed a 120GB Kingston 200v+ SSD drive on port 0 of my G75VW-T1019W and then made a clean install of Windows 8 on that drive. Everything is ok except very slow performance of my SSD disk (according to AnandTech performance of tha...

okuzma by Level 7
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