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How do you keep your laptops cool?

Hi guys,A bit new here, I was just wondering how you help keep your laptop cool aside from the oversized fans and vents the g series has. Do you use laptop coolers or just elevate the laptop?Another question is that I own a g55, I'm not a particularl...

arkmnrd by Level 7
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Asus g73sw sound problem

Hello i just got my asus g73sw and it seems to have a problem it only plays sound from the subwoofer i installed the latest realtek drivers but the problems insist anyone know what should i do?

Your desktop resolution

What resolution do you guys use at desktop? I know g75vw is designed for full HD (1920x1080) but texts are too small for me. Maybe it's just me tough, because I've been using a PC with 19" LCD at 1024x768 for the past 8 years! 360p video at youtube s...

Xenos by Level 7
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Slow Download Speed

Just purchased the G75VW and i'm having issues with my download speeds. I noticed this when downloading some TV shows on itunes. This new laptop downloads A LOT slower than any of the other computers in the house. I know it's not a router problem, al...

mj1159 by Level 7
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G53sw ??? NEW ???

This is New ??? screen as the new G46 ?? ok .. Im confused.. hahaaIt lists the identical specs of the G46 .. 14" ??? Calgone ???

chrsplmr by Level 18
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G75vw model help please

So I'm looking into buying the Asus G75vw-RH71... However, there are a few odd things about said model1. First and foremost, it's not listed in the forums on the model listing2. Second, it has an intel i7 3630QM when according to the Asus site, G75VW...

dwdw52 by Level 7
  • 5 replies
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Reformatted Laptop

Hi all I recently got blue screen on my laptop so i reformatted my HDD and started with a clean install. Thing is now none of the fn(buttons) work.My question is what programs do i have to download in order to have my clean install laptop running lik...

percept by Level 7
  • 3 replies
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nvidia message when gaming

rHi all,I have the message 'This application is not rated y NVIDIA corps Rating: Unknown. Press ctrl+alt+insert to toggle this info.'I get this with All of my games including the older ones, only happens with this notebook.G74S Geforce GTX 560M 3GB ...

obxtony by Level 7
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recovering raid 0 on g74sx-bbk8

long story short, i used dban to write all zeros to my hard drives, now, while my recovery discs do work, they will only install win7 to one hard drive. now my comp takes twice as long to load anything. really want my raid back.ive read that my chips...

mellow by Level 7
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