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Does the G75V support 7.1 Surround Sound?

Hey folks, I just went out and bought the Razer Tiamat 7.1 surround sound headset, however I cannot figure out how to hook it up to my ROG G75V to get the 7.1 surround sound working.Does the G75V even support 7.1? If so, how do I go about hooking my ...

Txd by Level 7
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G75VW-TS72 Power Issues

I've had this laptop for about four months now and it has been great for gaming. I've had two issues with it though, and I am wondering if I should start talking to ASUS about getting it checked out.The first issue isn't very serious, but it's pretty...

G74SX Inside Cleaning!

Hi guys, I have been searching these forums and googled and youtubed on how to clean the inside of my laptop, but i did not find anything. I have a weird feeling that in time, there will be enough dust in there to block the vents... you know, the old...

Snuffy by Level 8
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I just recently got a g75vw-ts21. My backlit keyboard isn't bright everywhere, sections of it are dim, while others are really bright. Is this something to ship back? Or common? I also had a dumb kid that use it, button smash; would that have an effe...

DC Power Jack Repair Guide

I just found this tutorial that shows the technique for removing and replacing the DC power jack on a laptop.This guide may either show you what to do, or convince you not to do it. . .DC Power Jack Repair GuideThe guy does a really nice job!

JRd1st by Level 12
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Post your 3DMark results

I saw one of these in the desktop owners forums and I didn't see one here so here goes nothing!Before Overclocking: Overclocking:

white line on screen.

hi everyone im getting this on my g75 660mi have been gettint his while line randomly sometimes when i play or overclocked . it goes away when i restart.any idea what i could be.