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Wake on LAN feature is supported?

Hello,I have an G55VW. I could not find it in BIOS, so I am not aware if Wake on LAN is supported or not. If it supports, can you tell me where can I find these settings? I don't have the latest BIOS, I have the one before the last. Upgrading will en...

G53JW dvd-rw issues though not used too much!

Hi guys,You know that G53 series have "HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT32N" dvd-rw drive produced by LG. I used to burn and verify DVDs fine but DID NOT use my drive too long as i didn't need to burn anything. Today i tried to burn and verify a Windows 7 ISO using...


Is there a way to activate UEFI on G74SX ? Since there is an option in bios, there must be a way.

Galdor by Level 7
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removing EFI & recovery partitions from a secondary HDD

i put the original first HDD as my secondary HDD as i have a SSD as primary HDD now.this secondary drive has the 200MB EFI partition and the 24GB recovery partition. i made the recovery DVD's when i first purchased this a few months back, so i have t...

MUPiSz by Level 7
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Samsung/Seagate 1000GB 5400rpm drive - Diagnostics?

I ripped this baby out when I installed the OS on a SSD. I also converted it to a MBR drive before using it for a data drive. My backup server kept having corrupt data files in the backup, so I ran chkdsk and it reported over a hundred indexes repai...

graphics card seem to underclock itself i

Geez, another problem, my graphics card or something else seem to be underclocking itself...If I load up a game, guild wars 2 for example it will run fine at say 50fps and if I then not touch the laptop or the mouse and leave the game running for 2-3...

house7 by Level 7
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can't install nvidia drivers on g75vx?

Hi guys,Tried downloading the latest nvidia drivers off their site and when I try to install it, it says cannot find compatible graphics devices or something, and only the asus provided nvidia drivers seem to work....must I use asus' drivers and not ...

house7 by Level 7
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Dual Boot - Drive Partitioning Ideas

Because Punkbuster has yet to support my favorite game under Windows 8, I must return to Windows 7 in some way. I am running a 240GB SSD with windows 8 and my data and and big files on the original 1TB 5400 drive.Should I just create a small partit...