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caddy for G75VW

hi everyone....planning to put on a "caddy" for extra storage on my g75's....just want to be sure if what's the size (clearance) for this kind of notebook....i understand that there's 9.5mm and the 12.7mm....thanks!!!

toink by Level 7
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Missing wifi driver?

i cannot connect to my wireless i think i may have removed it by mistake when i was cleaning bloat ware im on a Asus g74sx Netbook what do i download to fix it i got as far as

Austin by Level 7
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Far Cry 3 on the GTX660M

Hey guys, I want to see what FPS and performance people have been getting on Far Cry 3 on the GTX660M. Im thinking about buying it but i want some first hand opinions on people that actually have it.

Daylife by Level 9
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Instant on thing is pissing me off

ok this is really pissing me off, this asus instant on thing changes my power settings back to default every time i restart my comp and it changes the mouse scroll wheel settings and the power button and lid options too. this is my laptop that i pa...

G74SX Fan Noise. Fan is Always on

Hey, I've had my G74SX laptop for over a year now, Latley the fan noise has increased.And it annoys me, is there a chance to reduce the fan noise?. By changing the fan speed or anything, or turning it off?, Might be to risky thou. The fan is always l...

Mr_K by Level 7
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ATK Package Windows8

Could a Windows 8 user test the functions keys and see if the action is being displayed on screen?With mine, all Fn keys work, except I don't see the grey box onscreen informing me of what I've done. Same with the 3d button.I'm using the Win8 ATK Dr...

G53SX-S1208V SSD upgrade

G53SX-S1208V SSD upgrade suggestion I looking for SSD for my G53SX-S1208V. I looking forward to Samsung SSD 830 series. does anybody know whether my laptop support it? Maybe, How-To-Upgrade tips? and about warranty, Does it void my warran...

Hafiz by Level 7
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ASUS G53SX - S1208V Please Help

Hi ROG member,i'm using the Asus G53SX - S1208V with 3X4GB = 12GB 1333 Ram, i feel my pc stating slow when i open my work load , like VMware, and some programming software.I'm thinking to upgrade my laptop ram to maximum speed, i found few thread men...