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upgrading to an ssd

hi guys,it looks like my wife might be treating me to an ssd for christmas. woot!! thought it was too much of a not needed gimmick until i just bought my wife a zenbook with a ssd. now i stand corrected and feel the need for the speed.but i am wonder...

g75 as71 what should I do?

so I just got my asus from amazon 3 days ago and its been freezing like crazy I can be doing anything and it will just freeze up on me and will force me to to a hard restart. I wiped everything and installed windows 7 installed the drivers with the d...

sn4g by Level 7
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I have a 2 part question as a new G75 owner

The first part of the question is: I have the model with 8gb stock DDR Ram. If I want to install 16gb (2 8gb cards) is this set up so I won't have to disassemble the keyboard chassis and just be able to remove the two cards located right on top when ...

dcisive by Level 7
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G53SX-RH71 Randomly turning on all on its own

I just noticed this a couple of days ago but yet again there is a new issue with my laptop - It is just randomly turning on all on its own.I awoke today to find my laptop on and doing nothing (when I say nothing I mean it was on, but not booted into ...

Kherr by Level 7
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g75vx windows 8 slow bootup

Hi all,I was having trouble with my 1 week old g75vx. The boot up process is very very slow. It took 10 minutes to do whole power cycle. That is it took 10 minutes from restart to booting up.I'm also having DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE of some kind.I ...

G74 various mouse/keyboard usb 2.0/touchpad issues

The model in question is the one my username is (g74SX-XN1). Of course it starts giving me problems 2 weeks after my warranty expired too. When mouse and/or keyboard (both USB) are plugged in, my mouse disconnects randomly (with the ding noise tellin...

Wake on LId Opening

I recently added a SSD drive so I reinstalled Win 8. before I had a option to wake the computer by opening the lid and for the life of me I can't find that option now. any ideas?

jamie75 by Level 7
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