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2 SSD'S In RAID 0?

Hey Guys. Been A Long Time Since I Logged In! :). Anyway Good To Be Back. My Question Is Can I Install Two SSD's In RAID 0 On The G75? If So Please Tell Me STEP BY STEP Instructions! And Is The Perfomance Difference Between RAID 0 And 1 Like Knight A...

Free Metro 2033 KEY!

Nvidia is giving away 1000 Metro 2033 keys everyday till December 24th! Get yours while they last!The give away happens every 24 hours, try to get yours tonight! Or if you're not lucky enough to see this in time, get it tomorrow!http://www.facebook.c...

[G75VX] My Optimus(HD4000) work ?

Hello,I reinstall my Windows 7 x64 G75VX I reinstall the drivers (except some asus software useless.i dont reinstall power4gearJust nvidia driver + intel MEI, Chipset, Rapid storageWifi etc..I wonder if my optimus is enabledHD4000 in officeGTX670MX f...

asus g73sw lcd has black dots

ive been using my NB for an year now. its web cam never worked. one of the keyboard keys is dead. and the battery just died one week ago... now imm starting to c black dots on the screen. i thought it must be dirt or something but it doesn't wipe off...

bluetooth headset

hello, i bought the Vizio XVTHB100 bluetooth headset, the first day works perfect!! the second day can't work, when turn on the headset "windows" say is conected but i dont hear anything, i go to the menu of the device y when i press connect, the he...

G73SW help

Hey, i bought a G73 SW from a kid that got it from best buy when it came out. Computer is awesome. Now my question, it has a 3d option. Under the start bar is a enable/disable 3d vision ( and the pictures is with glasses)Is this model 3d capabl...

kulch by Level 7
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ASUS G75VX - MBR vs GPT and 32bit dual boot problems

I just bought ASUS G75VX and got stuck with the dual boot options.The laptop came with 750GB HDD. I added Samsung 830 SSD and wanted to install XP SP2 X86 for work. I know it sounds silly nowadays but I am used to dual boot on my desktop where XP is ...

gokica by Level 10
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Asus G74sx (i7 2630qm) low clocks.

1) I have the same problem Cores speed is locked to 800 MHz.Resetting the CMOS battery...

G74SX Freezes shortly after sleep/hibernate

Hi allI have just purchased a new G74SX which runs fine, except for one problem.My laptop freezes shortly after sleep/hibernate. It has been doing this since purchase (2 weeks ago)When I turn it back on, it seems ok, and allows me to load, but after ...

mwyeoh by Level 7
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G75VW Upgrates

Hi everyone. I just bought an ASUS G75VW and was wondering what kind of upgrades it's capable of. If there are any, specifics would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!