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Serious keyboard issue, please help

This just started today. Turn on the laptop, log in screen, type in my password ok. Desktop boots up, and all of a sudden, keyboard starts acting up. If I open a web browser, I can see that spacebar, / and ' are being "pressed" in this way " / ' / ' ...

Vivix7 by Level 7
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Spilled some sauce on my Asus G55vw keyboard HELP!

Hey guys,Today I got super clumpy and literally spilled soy sauce on my keyboard. Not only I tried cleaning it, it still smells like soy sauce and the "E", "R", "S" , "4", "5", "f5" and "f6" keys all have a orange glow due to the pigment of the soy s...

G75VW Function Keys in Windows 8

Hi All,I have an issue where all of my function keys work EXCEPT Fn F9 (disable/enable touch pad). I use a USB mouse and want to disable the touch pad (to prevent inadvertent touching during typing).I have windows 7 on one drive and all the Function ...

Cleaning up a fairly new g75

So I have a G75vw-bbk5 and was wondering how much of the additional software I can get rid of. This is purely a gaming and music laptop and will never be used for anything else. I remember reading somewhere before buying this that some people went ...

gingles by Level 7
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Asus G75VX Bios

HI eveyone, i have downgraded my Bios to 203 but now i want go back to the default one which is 204, where i can download it?From asus support it's only the 203 but the pc comes with 204.


Hello, I've owned a G53JW-A1 for almost two years now. I'm going to buy an SSD to boot off of and format the stock drive to use as additional storage. I haven't been able to find out if this laptop uses SATA II or SATA II for it's internal hard drive...

Guest by Level 7
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G75VW-TH71 Blu-Ray Playing Issues

Hello everyone -I have a new G75vw that was purchased at Tiger Direct. Went through as much research as possible before I got this laptop (sadly, I found this forum AFTER I purchased this computer on sale). I asked multiple employees about the few qu...

rainwzd by Level 7
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Asus G75VX Sound

Hi everyone, today i received my Asus G75VX, but i think only the left speaker is working, no swoofer working.From what i read here in the forum it's a driver bug.Where i can download the driver to fix it?

G53 "bricked" itself

So after facing a couple of instances of artifacts appearing all over the screen and a few times where it wont boot up( "fixed" by holding down power button). It finally decided to not work one morning. It wont boot up and holding down the power butt...