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which via driver is currently the best??

hi guys i got a question which via driver is currently the best??? when i use the laptop spekers for gaming and entertainment (films, videos, music etc.) because im confused?? there is so many of that and i dont know which one to choose??please help ...

Overclocking gtx560 on the asus G74SX

Hi,I am considering overlocking my laptop when I'm gaming crysis2 with the msi afterburner tool. However, I have never done this before and I have no idea how much this card can take before it melts down lol.. Could any one tell me a "safe-zone" (alt...

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Asus G73JH randomly Blackscreens

Hello,My Asus G73JH has randomly monitor Black Screens. I mean the BS comes really randomly.I checked the temperatures of the GPU when the Black Screen occured but it was always different. Sometimes it occures immediately after booting. The Black Scr...

drdreo by Level 7
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Grid Operation: Remove Battery or not?

Hi guys?Does anybody know if it negatively affects my battery when I operate my laptop on the grid and leave it in?I like the idea of having a uninterruptible power source in case of power blackout... but I dont want to harm or even destroy my batte...

Help - Me Asus G53SW + SSD Corsair Neutron 240GB

Hello, my name is DarkJC i am from Brazil, I need help because I have a Asus G53 SW and would like to install a 240GB SSD Corsair GTX Neutron, I opened the notebook, put the SSD, but I can not install the OS on the SSD, I can not even view it in BIOS...

DarkJC by Level 7
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G75vw-bhi7no7 -- looking for some advice

So, I bought the Best Buy G75vw-bhi7no7 the other day and was about to order up the Ram/SSD/Win7 upgrades when I stumbled on this site. I have been reading threads all day now about issues with upgrading the OS from 8 back to 7. It has me wondering...

-joe- by Level 7
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Upgrading G75VW HDD to SSH

So I recently upgraded laptops from an Alienware M14x R2 to the G75VW. I love the new lappy and have already upgraded a little bit by putting in a Killer 1202. I can definitely tell a difference with the upgrade. I want to upgrade my HDD to a SSH and...

nvidia update

I have a new G75VW and had it for a week, I just noticed a NVidia update and do I update it and download it? Here is the link. Do I need to make a restore point first? And is there a step by step for a safe and effective procedure to do so?http://www...

Why buy a G55?

I'm looking to buy a new laptop for college. since i'm going abroad, building a desktop isn't really an option so after some browsing, i've come down to two options the ASUS G55 and the SAGER NP9150.I'm posting here because i want actual owners of AS...