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G75VW noise (High pitched noise) comming from PSU/CPU?

Hi all, I have problem with G75VW. When processor (Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM) is going iddle (so I am not gaming or rendering), I can hear noise (high pitched noise) going from laptop. It is crazy, because I can hear high frequency sounds ... I am worki...

MatJen by Level 7
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Question regarding Formatting G75!

I just got my G75 in and wow, its full of bloatware that makes me cringe every time I boot windows! If I want to re-install a fresh ZERO bloatware version of Windows, can I use the recovery CD or will it just re-install all that crap? I have a new W...

Genhawk by Level 7
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New g75vw fans question

hello there first post hehehey I just bought a g75 and i works great, the only problem that im having is that i don't feel the left fan going, i can clearly feel the right one is shooting out heat but not the left one, do you know if this is normal? ...

phiddex by Level 7
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Increasing drives in G55 using ODD caddy

Pandur has said of the G55"10-16-2012, 03:45 PMThe ODD bay supports SATA II, aka 3.0Gbps. Most software will only list the current speed of a port, and since many ODD's are still SATA I, that's all you'll see. But the HM77 chipset have no SATA I port...

twinkle by Level 7
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G55 Screen Calibration

Hi Chaps, I need some help,I've just calibrated my monitor with I1 Match software(Windows 8)(advance mode [6500K, Gamma-2.2,]tried two different brightness options too) and the result is not good at all, the RGB 2 2 2 - is black and 5 5 5 is gray , ...

kikich by Level 7
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Upgrading to i7 2960XM

Hello guys,I Have a G74sx I'd like to upgrade my intel i7 2670qm to a i7 2960xm, but i have a few question.Will i see a huge boost at performence?How can i upgrade it?Where can i find a good seller(Ive searched at ebay, some at 500 usd some at 1000 e...

Hameli by Level 7
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G75VW Question

Hello ROG Members!Im sorry for my later thread I''ve been doing some search and I was thinking:1)Can I change the GPU?I heard that is on MXM slot so a change might be possible in the near future?2)What about a external GPU?The G75VW has a thunderbol...

ErKs99 by Level 7
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G75 + SSD = big troubles

Hi,I've been trying to upgrade a G75 with a SSD. (Windows 7)First i got a Agility2 drive that didn't detect at all. Then i returned it.Then i got an Agility3 240GB drive that worked fine for 5 months, but sometimes computer wouldn't boot. Eventually ...

bheam by Level 7
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Best 3D Games & G75 initial setup

Hey guys, I got a new G75 a couple weeks ago and it gave me so many issues, the company i bought it from replaced it with a brand new one. Anyway, I just got it back last week and had a few questions:What are some of the best 3D games you've played?W...