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Hello i have some stuck pixel in my g75vw in the middle of the lcd,it's visible only in a white page but this thing is not good,the group of pixel(i think 4-5 togheter)change color(it's not dead pixel)but it's more bright than the other and i think i...

natejr by Level 7
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G51VX-RX05 Frame drop

I own a asus g51rx-vx05. Its already 3 years old. I had a problem of a drop of fps when playing games last year but i solved it. I cleaned the heatsink, the fan, and replaced the thermal compound.I used arctic silve 5. It worked well. But after that ...

Issues with G75 wireless connection

I'm new to the forum portion of this, but I've had my G75vw since late October. So, going on three months.I've had a few issues with it; nothing too terrible until the laptop won't work wirelessly with my router. It works other places just fine.Even ...

Bag for a G74SX laptop!?!?

Hi everyone! I have a G74SX asus laptop and I've been searching for a bag that can fit my laptop for a while now and I haven't found one that can So please do you guys/girls have any suggestions? And note that I live in Sweden so please just give me ...

[GUIDE] Bypass key input in Windows 8 install

If you have a Windows 8 disc, or an iso, you can Rip the disc, edit the iso, create one file, and repack the files into an .iso you can burn.Tools I used:Ashampoo Burning Studio7-ZipNotepadImgBurnSo using your favorite burning program, you want to co...

[GUIDE] Restore 7UI to Windows 8

First switch your profile to a local account.This is the program you need. I will NOT link to it, name the file, nor respond to any PMs about this Toolkit.Click Windows 8 + Server 2012, Click 7 Classic UI, Install Classic UI + SD Windows. It will t...

Usb 3.0?

Hi,I have the Asus G74sx that supposedly has a USB 3.0 port on it. But for the life of me I can't figure out which port is the actual 3.0 USB port.I'm hooking up an external hdd and want to try to get the best throughput as possible and from what I'...

Jalida by Level 7
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