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Info about Asus G74sx BB7 Model...Price check?

I am trying to find out a good price to sell my Asus G74sx BB7 Model. It is used, just over a year old. Have never had any problems with it ...It is in New/Good Condition, have really taken care of it. Fantastic laptop just wondering what I should se...

Candack by Level 7
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Bins and GPU-Z

I've gone through 2 G75's with 660M's so far, and that's all it took. They both worked flawlessly, except for the results when overclocking the 660M's differed.My 1st one couldn't budge past much more than 1155Mhz on the core, any higher or lower ab...

G74SX-BBK7 wont turn on

Sorry if i missed something in a search, kind of stressed. Was sitting at my laptop and it shut off. Unplugged, removed battery, help power down for 30 sec. plugged it in..nothing...added batter back.. nothing.Hoping the warranty is more than 1 ye...

GTX 670m for GTX 670mx

Hi I have a G75vw gtx 670m and have read an awful lot about upgrading the gpu and it seems that it can be done to the gtx 670mx with no messing arround with the internals, and with other gpu cards but this would mean chopping around and custom heats...

Fan not working?

Hi. I've had my G75VW since July. Never encountered any problems until now. The lef fan only seems to work at boot, and the computer tends to get very noisy when running games and demanding programs. Is there something I can do about this?

Help with sections HDD

Be kind, can anyone have the opportunity to lay out the images of partitions (Recovery, System, etc.), or complete a HDD, but with windose 8HelpThe notebook does not start, and I want to factory setting

vd-bar by Level 7
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Pleas Help with my g75vw

hello guys !I hope someone can help me... The problem is when im watching movies or playing games after some minutes (like 20 or 30 min.) my g75 stops working because gets display in black and one of the fans start to accelerate. I've updated bios ...