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Laptop hard drive for g73jh

So uhm, lately my windows has been failing (I'm working on it, don't worry about that) and I wanted to see if it was a hardware problem, so I got my secondary hard drive (Secondary because it only has 250 gigs of memory and it's failing slowly (it's ...

help me...problem with ai recovery in my g75vw

hi. sorry for my bad English. I have one problem with my asus I followed your instructions: - Download the new version of AI recovery (1.0.28) recevory-burned the DVD (6DVD) I have restored but when I reboot I get this error: windows boot ma...

System optimizer tool

Hi everybody,I was just wondering if there is a software to check if my G75 runs perfectly.cheers Andy

Andili by Level 7
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Crysis 3 Beta

Hey fellas, haven't seen any threads about how we're doing with Crysis 3 beta right now, so I thought I'd start.I just played the game for about an hour and its hella fun. I was worried about being able to run it at even med-low specs, but I've been ...

Izrail by Level 7
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I stuffed up my BIOS update on my Asus G73JW

I have an Asus G73JW laptop and I used that laptop for music audio production with Pro ToolsOne of the instruction was to disable C-state transition and turbo-boost as the program does not support that. I manage to do that with Throttlestop. However ...

dasilva by Level 7
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No sound asus g73jh

So I bought this laptop on craigslist from a guy for 500 bucks. I checked it out for a quick 60 seconds and everything thing seemed in order. I got the lap top and noticed I couldn't get any sound from the speakers and when headphones were plugged in...

Xcap by Level 7
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help with the image of MBR

help with the image of MBR, but please who originally stood windose 8, put in hand, and please photo sections as they are you.

vd-bar by Level 7
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G75 will not bootup?

Hello I have had my G75 for about 1 1/2yr. I have not had any problems with it. Just recently it will not boot up from a shut down. I get the Asus ROG logo and then the screen goes black and nothing happens. I press the power button and it turns off ...

why are s so bad in this laptop?

lol i can play music highest on 3 to 5 years old laptops where this new so called gaming laptop sounds like **** the problem is when they sing and there is a S in the words it gets all well bad not clean so to say done all the drivers recommended in ...

ASUS ROG Where to buy

I know that on this site is has the "where to buy" link but I was wondering where u guys who bought the G75VW or G75VX from. And is there an easy way to find rog notebooks with specific specifications (like 256 SSD)? Thanks guys!