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Upgrading HDD

Ok I got the g75vw and have to say its a great machine. However when I'm trying to upgrade the hdd is where I have problems. Mine came with windows 8 pre-installed on a 750gb hdd. I have a samsung 830 256 SSD that I want as the main one and I dont' m...

g73jh Clean windows 8 install {Help Please!}

I am having problems with my OS ever since I "upgraded" to "pro" via the $40 upgrade about a month ago. And I was told by dogman that my problems would most likely go away if I did a "clean install" of windows 8. Well here is what I found so far:Woul...

Just got my G55, here are the issues/problems I'm facing.

1) There is lag in Diablo 3 (not server-side) that has to do with audio and gameplay stuttering every 4-5 minutes, and lasts a few seconds. 2) The audio playback quality is poor, but that isn't really a surprise and this laptop isn't catered to audio...

Liquidus by Level 8
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G53SX Keyboard backlight not lighting up certain keys

When i first got my laptop the light was fine and bright. It started to dim and now the v,f,g,b,h,t,y,and n keys are slighty darkerthan the rest of the keys. Its like the whole bottom middle of the keyboard is not lit up. The e in ESC is slighty dar...

Noziroh by Level 7
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G73jh bluetooth install

my hard drive crashed and so i am running a fresh install on windows on a clean hard drive.i have applied the majority of asus sepcific resources. I DO NOT have the little blue icon people are talking about and my bluetooth device is NOT being detec...

i am confused. new g75vx and ssd installation.

Hello guys i know this is already discussed here several times but i couldn't find the right/suitable answer. My situation, i bought g75vx with 750gb hdd preinstalled windows 8. I dont know if it is windows 8 pro or not. There are no included disks a...

1 Second Freeze whilst Gaming

Hey, getting 1 second freeze in certain games on the G55. It happens every 30 seconds or so, sometimes less, sometimes more. After further investigation it seems it's happening when the hard drive is being accessed. Note that it's not happening in al...

DTech by Level 7
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G73sw won't charge, no power light

So I just purchased a used Asus G73sw. Looked it over, turned it on tested pretty much everything (except charging) so I thought it was a decent deal. Brought it home and plugged it in and turned it on and I noticed that the Windows battery icon didn...

Dos101 by Level 7
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What do you use your 8gb SSD partition for? (if you have it)

This question is for those that have that weird 8gb SSD part of the 750gb harddisk. It's a really weird decision to put one in the first place, because it is insuffucient for anything - you can't put an OS on it (well except maybe for WinXP, but who ...

farlock by Level 7
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[G73JH] ATI Signed Driver Issue

I had updated my ATI drivers on this notebook before and decided it's been a few months why not again. So I uninstall, run's driver sweeper in safe mode as well as Chastity's ATI Crap cleaner... Boot up Normally, run the latest 11-5_mobil...