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G55 - CPU speed

I have the G55 with Intel® Core™ i7 3610QM Processor, despite the max performance settings the processor is still "moving" its multiplier between x28 and x31, never achieving x33.Is there any trick to activate it constantly to x33 or?I am using lates...

komaron by Level 7
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G75 BBK help needed

Hello everyone new to the forum and new owner of a g75. OK so here's my issue I got my laptop from a guy on Craigslist got really good deal on it, ad said it was new and upon inspection it looks flawless even came with a receipt from best buy showing...

G46VW availability update: Dec at Best Buy

Hi Everyone,Good news:Best Buy are our exclusive partners to launch our new 14" G series with! Bad news:The G46VW is currently slightly delayed until December sorry.Further news/updates on schedule as and when I get it! /ear to ground.

X-ROG by Level 15
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G75VW-NS71 7200rpm HD upgrade question

Sorry if this has been asked before I did poke around the forums and only found info on SSD installs. My G75 has a partitioned 500GB 7200 HD and I opened up the laptop and verified the second spot is empty. Will a Seagate Momentus ST9750420AS 750GB ...

G75VW-DS72 =A Major Mistake

Hi everybody, before we begin let me say something. I bought this laptop in back in March 2012 from Newegg for $2200. This was my first non-monitor purchase from Asus. Believe me, I'm never making this mistake again. The Good:Case Design, both in loo...


I am looking to add more memory to my system. I presently have 8G install from factory so I am assuming it is 2x4G. I have looked and see the expansion slots open so my question is this, can I add 2x8G or should/must I stay with 2x4G?Thank you for ...

Lazydog by Level 7
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how quiet are your fans on G75?

how quiet should the fans be on idle?i ask because i just got a G75 and it's simply AWESOME in every way except there's a clear, sharp, "musical" humming tone from the fans all the time. one minute soft (CPU fan on, always), another minute loud (GPU ...

ben02 by Level 9
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Upgrading HDD

Ok I got the g75vw and have to say its a great machine. However when I'm trying to upgrade the hdd is where I have problems. Mine came with windows 8 pre-installed on a 750gb hdd. I have a samsung 830 256 SSD that I want as the main one and I dont' m...

g73jh Clean windows 8 install {Help Please!}

I am having problems with my OS ever since I "upgraded" to "pro" via the $40 upgrade about a month ago. And I was told by dogman that my problems would most likely go away if I did a "clean install" of windows 8. Well here is what I found so far:Woul...