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G74SX-A1 not starting up.

Hello, today I tried to power on my laptop and I got to the windows 8 logo and it looked really bad and had lines all in it and then it does appeared to a black screen now I can't get it to go past the Asus screen and it also looks bad and goes reall...

Geforce 700M Series?

So i was updating to the new Drivers for the GTX 660M and i saw that there is a tab now for the Geforce 700M Series.....Has Nvidia announced anything about a 700M series?

Daylife by Level 9
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Avast security causes Gaming issues.

Hi guys,I recently installed Avast Security and since then my G75 has serious gaming performance issues.Lagging, freezing etc.Has anybody else here experienced similar issues when using Avast?Cheers Andy

Andili by Level 7
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error code 3 durring recovery

When I bought my g73jh bst7 I made a set of recovery discs. Recently my hard drive crashed so I installed a Patriot Torqx 2 ssd. I install recovery disc 1 and exactly through 18% of install I get a error code: -3. I have tried this several times and ...

Proper overclocking of Asus G55vw HELP!

Hello. I am just looking for some information on overclocking my Asus G55vw. I do not wan't to go all out, and I would like a single program that does it all. (Preferably made by Asus). I just need someone to point me in the right direction to safely...

Vicodin by Level 10
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G75VX Realtek driver for Win 8 (subfix) NON-WHQL let me know if that link works. It's the latest non-WHQL driver (125MB) from Realtek that should fix the sub on Win8. WHQL should arrive by end of the month (famous las...

X-ROG by Level 15
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Here is the question: Installing a new WiFi Card?

So I have been reading and thinking and then again thinking and reading about installing a new WiFi card into my new G75VW. I know it will void the warranty but I also know that I will finally get decent wireless with 5GHz N.However, after all that ...

g53sx windows 7 professional 32bit?

I bought a used g53sx and installed windows professional 32bit as I had it laying around. So that said where do I need to go to find drivers that will work with the 32bit? Everything on asus web sit is 64bit, also is there any app that will let me us...

G55 - CPU speed

I have the G55 with Intel® Core™ i7 3610QM Processor, despite the max performance settings the processor is still "moving" its multiplier between x28 and x31, never achieving x33.Is there any trick to activate it constantly to x33 or?I am using lates...

komaron by Level 7
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